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Because my books with other characters aren’t selling

Killing Eve ended with Villanelle’s death. This is why I’m bringing her back to life

That Conan Doyle thing…..

17 thoughts on “Because my books with other characters aren’t selling”

  1. Very true. I’ve no idea how much of ACD’s income came from Sherlock Holmes, but I’ll bet it was quite a bit.

  2. We’ve tried the J K Rowling detective mysteries. Good at first but then just spectacularly too bloody long. Presumably no editor has the balls to say “no”.

    The third of the Hilary Mantel books on Thomas Cromwell ditto: though I loved the first two my wife told me not to bother with the third.

    How do you get hired as an editor if the egos aren’t interested in constructive criticism? Heh, heh; a job for AI.

  3. Otto

    You’re reminding me that the standard version of Waltzing Matilda was polished up a bit by the editor before it was published.

  4. “Carrie Kills a Man ended with Gary’s death*. This is why I’m bringing him back to life”

    *because I put a mop-head wig on

  5. @dearime

    I watched the televised version of the J K Rowling detective mysteries. Sadly she fell squarely into the trap of many crime mysteries and concocted utterly ludicrous plots. On the plus side the two main actors were very good. The supporting cast however were quite dreadful and would have been consigned to back stage at any village amateur dramatic event. On the plus plus side some were bad enough to be funny.

  6. @OttoCartland: I’ve heard people in the publishing business say Archer’s writing got better over time, not because he learnt anything but because as he became more profitable his publishers put better editors on the task of improving his crap.

    Similarly a friend of mine with the odd habit of reading crap SF for laughs reckons that L Ron Hubbard’s SF suddenly got better after he died. (For those unfamiliar with LRH’s work, after his death the Church of Scientology “found” a lot of unpublished manuscripts, far more than he’d actually had published in his lifetime.)

  7. “The Killing Eve universe is their escape, they tell me, and Villanelle [which he describes earlier as “a homicidal psychopath”] their heroine. Not because she murders people, but because she’s powerful, she’s her own creation, and she goes through life doing exactly as she chooses.”

    These fans are no doubt among those marching for Hamas. Lovely.

  8. AndyF,

    Detective novels are hard. You can’t just slap in a load of world building to cover over your bad writing like in fantasy. Readers of detective novels won’t accept it.

  9. @Arthur the Cat

    Hubbard’s fiction was always worth a read. It epitomised the type of sci fi from the fifties, so had a quaint period feel about it. Not particularly well written but amusing nonetheless. Certainly better than Dianetics. No, don’t waste your time reading that. I’ve already done that for you so can give you a potted precis. It’s crap. There, that’s a chunk of your life you don’t need to spend reading it.

  10. On the subject under discussion, the author of the novels didn’t kill off his heroine, the TV writers did, which makes it a bit awkward for writing further novels. I suppose, as she is his creation, he can simply retcon the tv universe and carry on with the novels. Which is what he seems to have done – picked up where he left the last novel.

  11. Just to agree with Longrider – it does seem all a bit GRR, what with the TV writers apparently running out of source material.

    The article reads as an extended advertisement for the next book , and an apology to the fans, who apparently don’t like buying hardbacks, the miserly sods – although quite what Substack has to do with it is a mystery.

    Unless the fans really don’t want to spend any money on the bloke’s output.

  12. @jgh – any author that sells tv or film rights to his work, has to relinquish control of that work, because it is going to be bastardised by whoever writes the script and again by the producers. Unless you have a ‘don’t you dare kill my fucking characters off’ clause, you are stuffed.

    My Jacobite Rebellion story will be ripe for a black trans Bonnie Price Charlie, for example, you can just see it. All those kilts and such.

    If you are going to take Satan’s silver, then you have to be prepared to let go of your creation – and probably avoid watching the end result. Just stay at home and count the moolah.

  13. @Ducky – maybe the fans feel that it’s run its course. I did after the first series. What story that there was had run out of steam. Stretching it beyond that really wasn’t a good idea.

    If you are going to do sequels you need another story to tell. I’m just starting work on a sequel, but it’s a spinoff with a minor character now taking centre stage – so a different story set in the same world.

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