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Gissa Job!

The summary of this report says:

Brief Summary

This note suggests that:

The UK should create an Office for Tax Responsibility (OTR).
This OTR should report to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee so that it might hold HM Revenue & Customs, HM Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to account for their management of the UK tax system.
The Office for Tax Responsibility should be responsible for preparing annual assessments of the UK tax gap[1] and tax spillovers[2].

Presumably to be run by Britain’s foremost retired accountant and expert in the tax gap and tax spillovers?

14 thoughts on “Gissa Job!”

  1. I suspect the Office for Budget Responsibility* was set up with exactly the same motives. Except by grifters with rather more influence.

    *On performance, should be renamed office for Budget Irresponsibility. Since it seems to be dedicated to avoiding the blame.

  2. What amuses me about Spud and those like him is the amount of vitriol they hold for the actual creators of wealth. They hate us, but they don’t hate what we produce. Not enough to not want to expropriate it for spurious ends.

  3. Grifters gonna grift.

    The recent “Sustainable Cost Accounting” stratagem obviously didn’t get much traction.

  4. Dennis, As White As They Get

    The only spillover Richard Murphy actually understands is the spillover of hot soup onto his trousers.

    Even then, the understanding is only brief.

  5. Dennis, The Existential Threat To Civilization, Humanity And Pronoun Abuse

    The recent “Sustainable Cost Accounting” stratagem obviously didn’t get much traction.

    He’s just waiting for the laughter to die down.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    My money is on him not knowing it rather than having forgotten. He is by his own admission not a details man and that level of knowledge requires research and details.

  7. He put it forward when Margaret Hodge was PAC chair, and she might well have given him a job. He’s forgotten that an opposition MP always chairs the PAC. Even if a Starmer government does this, a Conservative chair is not likely to give him a job.

    He might be being subtler than you give him credit for. The SNP could be the official opposition in the next parliament.

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