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How? Even, Why?

The chief executive of Scotland’s water industry regulator has quit after it emerged that more than £80,000 of public money was splashed out on “unacceptable” expenses including a trip to Boston and £200-a-head meals.

Alan Sutherland stepped down from his £183,000-a-year post at the Water Industry Commission for Scotland in the wake of a damning report by Audit Scotland that exposed the largesse of executives at the quango.

But they don’t do anything? Scottish Water discharges of sewage are hardly monitored.

5 thoughts on “How? Even, Why?”

  1. Presumably Misconduct in Public Office isn’t a thing in Jockistan? Why isn’t the troughing twat being forced to pay it back?

  2. Why isn’t the troughing twat being forced to pay it back?

    Because he isn’t a tory. Obviously he isn’t, as anyone to the right of Jeremy Corbyn is automatically disqualified from any public sector chief executive appointment.

  3. Isn’t Scottish Water a wholly-owned state company, along with the Scottish Water Regulator a department of state, so the government is regulating itself.

  4. I have little doubt he will shortly land another extremely well-paid sinecure. Rather like that bint who moved from heading the Port of Aberdeen to overseeing the debacle that is Network Rail Wales/West before resigning last week.

    I wonder how much he and particularly she has/will pick up as severance pay? The gravy train runs a damned sight smoother than anything on Network Rail.

    P.s. largesse is a bit of an euphemism.

  5. Look up Kirsten England…ran out of York with pitchforks and flaming torches (I may exaggerate a tad) only to roll up in the Islamic People’s Republic of Bradistan on £250k pa as CEO or whatever three letter word salad of a job title she held…

    Retires on a full pension with years to on her contract. This after instigating a Clean Air Zone, that every other council under the West Yorkshire Mayor from Coronation Street, decided was bonkers…

    AND then gets appointed head of Bradistans 2025 City of Culture…on £250k pa….

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