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Not getting it quite right

Put trans criminals in female jails to help with their gender identity, says Scottish prison service
Even those with a history of violence against women could be housed in women’s prisons to prepare for life afterwards

It’s an abject failure to understand reality, isn’t it?

Someone in for rape should be packed down with the birds in for TV licence non-payment so they can learn how to do their lippie right?

12 thoughts on “Not getting it quite right”

  1. Like the news that Scotland won’t support the ban on XL Bully dogs (and people are already sending them North of the Wall), this is less to do with the subjects themselves and more a giant ‘Fuck you, sassenachs!’ to Westminster…

  2. I imagine that this will end up as duelling court cases. Some trans inmate, denied a place in a female prison, will sue because their identity has not been respected and some female inmate will sue because they are not receiving the care and protection due.

    Perhaps if there were separate trans prisons (quite small ones I guess) that were seen as tough as male prisons there would be fewer people claiming trans identity?

  3. Again, this is one of those things where entry vetting should be via: drop yer keks. Meat&veg that way, frufru that way.

  4. BinD, Sam, while I do share the sentiment, it’s currently not an option, given the ever-changing definition of “Rape” by the Clowns, which seems to be favoured by the Beaks as well..

    It’s a bit like the death penalty….
    It’s a definite option to remove those truly unsuited for any society from the Roster.
    But you had better make damn sure the conditions under which it’s applied are pretty much failsafe and utterly clear, because there’s no way back.

    And given the current state of the legislative and judiciary sectors in most of the Western World…. Not taking any chances there…

  5. Grikath

    I have to concede your point!!!

    Still, if our hero volunteered to be identified as a man, he/she/it could reasonably be deemed safe.

    Unless they use female prison guards in male prisons?? Sounds stupid enough to be possible.

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