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So nowt to do with trans then?

Two 15-year-olds who were obsessed with torture and killing, preyed on the anxieties of transgender teenager Brianna Ghey in order to lure her to a park and then murder her, police have said.

The pair, identified only as Girl X and Boy Y, who are now aged 16, spent weeks plotting the attack on Brianna, who was apprehensive and rarely went out alone.

After posing as her friends and arranging to meet her at a local beauty spot, they ambushed her and stabbed her 28 times in an attack of shocking brutality.

Sure, the victim was trans, but the victim part wasn’t because of the trans part. Well, until the activists cook up some reason why it was of course.

18 thoughts on “So nowt to do with trans then?”

  1. I’m with Jb on this.

    If Brian hadn’t got mental issues then it’d have been harder for the killers to make him a victim. Instead of pandering to the trans ideology, his parents should have treated the likely underlying cause (gayism) and got him a boyfriend. Not need then for the fake friends.

  2. Evil people prey on the weak and mentally ill, not the strong.

    Yes and no.
    Weak, yes. But It isn’t always advisable to pick on the mentally ill.
    Some of them are more susceptible to it, but there’s always the risk that they might just turn around and shank you or keep punching even after you’ve been unconscious for five minutes. Normal people have limits to how far they’re prepared to go with violence in most circumstances. Nutters can be missing that.

  3. Yarp. The gender issues of the victim weren’t part of the motive here. Merely a coincidence, because we live in a Clown World.

    The killers were planning to kill someone, and it could have been anybody. Trannies naturally assumed that it was all about them because the victim was a transgenderer, but they’re wrong. The cops have been all over their electronic communications and there’s nary a “transphobic” comment to be found. Not even one.

    These murderers respect pronouns.

    This is not a “hate crime” case, it’s more similar to the Bulger case or Hindley and Brady. The motive seems to be that they are evil.

  4. “ Jb
    December 21, 2023 at 9:04 am
    Yes and no. Evil people prey on the weak and mentally ill, not the strong.”

    Gasp! Trans is not a mental illness. To say so is hate speech. Go directly to gaol.

  5. Julia – only because they’re legally minors tho.

    I’ll be careful what I say here. British law prevents us discussing the names of the accused. British law also doesn’t effectively control the entire global Internet. But you wouldn’t really learn anything by discovering their ID, other than perhaps the depressing realisation that some of our youngsters are (ALLEGEDLY) monsters. I think the reported facts speak for themselves tho.

    The cops have played this with a straight bat, stuck to the evidence. The CPS seems to be also just doing its job. Justice, I agree, is an entirely different matter.

  6. I’m sorry to share this, but please read the Guardian’s write up:

    One killer called the other a “sociopath”; while her partner-in-crime said she was “not a normal person” who would “joke about dead babies”.

    Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the girl and boy who murdered Brianna Ghey were firm friends, having met at school aged 11.

    They were close enough to trust each other to keep their terrible secret: that they – two 15-year-olds with no previous convictions and apparently conventional home lives – were going to murder Brianna in February this year.

    At first they planned to give her a cocaine overdose, before deciding they could not afford the drug. “Let’s just stab her. It’s more fun,” said the girl, known as X to protect her identity, in one of thousands of text messages exchanged before and after the murder.

    Though she had no previous convictions, Girl X did have a history with illegal substances, having been excluded from school for giving drugs to a younger pupil.

    Why she and the boy – named Y – targeted Brianna is still not clear, even after a three-week trial in which the children gave evidence and blamed each other for the stabbing in Culcheth Linear Park in Warrington.

    She was not their original target. There were four boys they discussed killing instead, starting in November last year. One was a boy Y described as a “nonce”. Two others were enemies of Girl X.

    Another was “M”, a rival for the affections of a girl boy Y liked – he was still trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out, even after the murder, as he realised it was almost Valentine’s Day.

    The defendants seemed to take delight in plotting gruesome ways of killing the boys. “If I do end up killing M, I have a really sharp blade, the same one that Sweeney Todd uses,” wrote X, who later described Sweeney Todd as her favourite film. “If we kill M can I keep some things, a couple of teeth and an eye?” she added

    You have to understand that Satan is real.

    Hell is real.

  7. “You have to understand that Satan is real.”

    Remember the hoo-ha recently about that church minister who was casting out demons?

    He’s not looking so stupid now is he? Who can honestly say that this pair aren’t in the grasp of some form of possession by an evil force, in whatever form one wishes to take that to be?

  8. The same pathology – the same naive trusting of malicious strangers on the internet – led both to her transitioning and to her untimely end.

  9. You have to understand that Satan is real.


    Remember the hoo-ha recently about that church minister who was casting out demons? He’s not looking so stupid now is he?

    Not as stupid as anyone who thinks he was casting out demons.

    Who can honestly say that this pair aren’t in the grasp of some form of possession by an evil force, in whatever form one wishes to take that to be?

    I can honestly say that because I honestly don’t believe in evil forces (apart from TV Licensing, obvs). Good grief, there are people coming over from darkest Africa with more sensible worldviews. Jordan Peterson shows us that it’s quite possible to have Jesus and a pragmatic understanding of human psychology that can explain how warped and ghastly people can become without the proper caring input at an early age. Or, indeed, how ghastly they can be even with the proper caring input at an early age.

    It’s beginning to feel like there really was something damaging in that covid bug and I just haven’t caught it yet.

  10. Jim – I don’t know, but I think demonic possession is a lot rarer than demonic influence, i.e. people just banally accepting their personalised invitation to Hell. (We all get them, every day)

    Like in those text messages above.

    PJF mocks, because he doesn’t understand. He wouldn’t . You can’t understand the world today without noticing that we are in a spiritual war.

    Why does the Enemy want your children to be mutilated and sterile? There’s no rational, convincing explanation for this that doesn’t invoke the existence of Evil.

  11. PJF – I disagree, I’m being quite practical and so is Jim.

    The problem of Evil is a practical matter, from a day to day “how do we avoid manifesting Hell on Earth?” point of view. As we are seeing, it’s easier to recreate Hell than the other place. As our society becomes less Christian, it becomes more degraded and Hellish. This may seem like a coinkydink to you, but it’s not.

    Btw, since you mentioned Prof. Peterson, now there’s a man who desperately needs God instead of more bafflegab and benzodiazepines. Does he seem happy and sane to you? He needs prayers, but so do we.

    I like the Lobster Man and his erudite ramblings, but he’s no Francis Bacon. Not even Kevin Bacon. There’s no six degrees of separation between us and God – the entire world is a holy relic that fell from His hand. The night sky is a tapestry of God’s creation. You only have to see.

  12. I was reminded of a tough story from the US about an “evil” (i.e. terribly abused and disturbed) child. Luckily her adoptive parents, “despite” being conservative Christians from the deep south (dad a minister), got her into therapy just in time rather than resorting to practical demon casting.

    It is possible to be a Christian and still be sensible.

  13. Brief too-long-didn’t-watch summary (that ignores the Christian angle, which I think is fairly part of the story).

    The night sky is a tapestry of God’s creation. You only have to see.

    I still have too many telescopes that have shown me celestial wonders, but no God.

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