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The connection with dogs is fun

Smelling women’s tears reduces male aggression, scientists have found, in a breakthrough that may help solve the mystery of why humans cry.

Humans and dogs are the only animals that shed tears when overcome with emotion, but scientists such as Charles Darwin believed the release served no useful function.

Now researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found that tears contain social signals which appear to act as a ‘chemical blanket’ to protect the weeper.

For a puppy weeing acts as an obligate instruction to an adult dog to not be aggressive.

It’s not obligate for women’s tears and men, obviously, even if it does help.

Still, “Stop pissin’ abaht, Sharon” has more truth to it than you might think.

6 thoughts on “The connection with dogs is fun”

  1. Perhaps these same Israeli scientists could produce artificial tears and spray them over Gaza to reduce Hamas aggression?

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  3. Smelling women’s tears reduces male aggression, scientists have found

    Coming shortly in the guardian: Surge in domestic violence during pandemic due to perpetrators losing sense of smell through covid.

    Meanwhile in The MoS Albanian Ambassador was an illegal immigrant into the UK.

  4. “Meanwhile in The MoS Albanian Ambassador was an illegal immigrant into the UK.”

    You’ll find that the job involves sitting looking at his phone in a big room with six empty barber’s chairs.

  5. I bet you’d have been thrilled to know your tax money had funded this vital research. How unfortunate you are to know that this happened in a far off foreign land & would not have occurred in your more cautious UK universities.

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