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Then honours then

Madsen Pirie, OBE.

Shirley Bassey CH, which is pretty tip top

Bill Beaumont GBE, which is about as high as a non-political knighthood is going to go (for non-Brits, there are some 21 different types of knighthood it is possible to get and yes, they’re ranked).

Michael Eavis KB – Glastonbury is now obviously entirely establishment.

Tim Martin KB, which we already knew about.

Gerald Ronson KB. Clearly, that little difficulty (what was it with? Guinness?) is now past tense.

Anyone seen anything else interesting?

27 thoughts on “Then honours then”

  1. Your mate Madsen, yes
    Shirley Yeller, I s’pose
    Bill, good man
    Michael Eavis, Blimey
    Tim Martin, provider of shit holes
    Gerald Ronson, valuable asset of medical science?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Adding to Michael Eavis’s establishment credentials – he already has his portrait n the national portrait gallery.

  3. I will always have a beef with Mr Ronson over a small matter of property misrepresentation which dates back to before his temporary stay in Ford open prison.

    Several years later when our case was about to be heard learned counsel advised us not to bother proceeding (and incurring even more costs) as Heron Homes was insolvent.

  4. ” Glastonbury is now obviously entirely establishment.”

    Well you’re slow on the uptake, thats been obvious for about 20 years.

    The funniest thing about Glastonbury festival is that for all its eco-credentials, it runs on a sea of fossil fuel, powering a small army of diesel generators. They have to tanker the fuel in daily to keep them all running, but they bring the tankers in at night, out of the publics eye. What the middle class Lefty eye doesn’t see……….

  5. Grist

    I believe ur was Ernest Saunders who miraculously recovered from advanced Alzheimers.

    How is it possible that a crook like Ronson gets his knighthood back ? ( My spellchecker tries to correct this to Rinsing, which sounds about right )

  6. @Grist…

    I know it’s de rigeur amongst the chattering classes to slag-off anything Mr (soon to be “Sir Timothy”) Martin is involved in, but I can’t help wondering if you’ve ever actually been in a “Spoons”…?

    Quite a few of his “shit holes” are beautifully and sympathetically restored Art Deco cinemas and theatres… The beer’s both good, and cheap as well.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Richard J Murphy sadly missed off the list again”

    Presumably he’s made some churlish comments about how honours should be abolished and he would not accept one anyway?

  8. Ron Dennis gets a K to go with his CBE. For his work with the Tommy’s charity and Podium Analytics (both of which sound like excellent causes).

  9. “for non-Brits, there are some 21 different types of knighthood” Don’t believe you: are there any at all for non-Brits, apart from Kiwis and so on?

  10. Michael Eavis KB – for services to the British cannabis industry? I’m sure he’s put a lot of work into his tentfest, and made a lot of money. Why this merits a K, I’m not sure, has he been funding a political party?

  11. Madsen Pirie may be a sound chap, but my pater (d.1983) had three rules for initial assessments of people: don’t trust anyone wearing a bow-tie (except formally), don’t trust anyone with fewer than four buttons on his suit’s cuff, and don’t trust anyone who wears country clothing in a major city. All three have served me well, particularly the bow-tie rule — which is a fairly sure sign of an egocentric twerp.

  12. Amazing Theo

    your father was 100% correct. I too have never trusted someone in a bow tie and have been proven constantly right

    Although Churchill might count as an exception, certainlty that cad Robin Day epitomised it.

  13. “don’t trust anyone who wears country clothing in a major city.”

    What else is a peasant to wear when in the big sh*tty?

  14. Martin Near The M25

    If I ran the system I’d pick some random R. Murphy and give them a gong. Then he’d have to spend the next few months telling people who congratulate him that it’s not actually him.

  15. Theophrastus (2066)

    “What else is a peasant to wear when in the big sh*tty?”

    My father thought it bad form for chaps to arrive at business meetings wearing country tweeds and brown brogues. Peasants could wear whatever they liked. He was also a member of Toc H.

  16. Theophrastus,

    I knew one (count’em, one) exception to the bow-tie rule, who was a long-service RAF operational analyst at the Air Warfare Centre – therefore an odd bird out of the starting blocks.

    Charming, polite, very smart, very good at his job, generous with knowledge and experience, eager to learn … and wore a bow tie. Not egocentric and very definitely knew his job. (And looked remarkably like Joe Turkel in Blade Runner)

    But, at that point in the past where people still wore ties (I haven’t worn one, except as part of military uniform, since 2019) I would often do so… with a couple of examples my wife sourced from Warner Brothers, featuring Wile E. Coyote, or if I was being very serious a red silk number with the Camberley staff college logo.

    All things considered, I was prepared to overlook the bow tie (which he made look reasonable, anyway)

    Some of us worked in areas where a friend got told “grab your coat, we’ve got to go to Navy HQ”.

    Ed asked “Okay… do I need the emergency tie?” (Ed, even more than me, resembled a bag of discarded laundry loosely tied in the middle with string)

    “No, I need them to know you’re the expert, not some tw@ from McKinsey!”

  17. As a very, very, early attendee of Glastonbury* – I never saw that coming!

    *Maybe the very first one. I definitely, possibly saw but certainly didn’t hear, Bob Dylan at the IoW the previous year. But as is generally acknowledged, if you remember the 60s you weren’t there.

  18. Baron Jackfield- yes i agree. I found myself in the opera house in Tunny Wells recently and i was pretty impressed. They’ve still got the gilded boxes and two tears of the upper original seating, no-one actually sipping their pints on them though. Coffee was 1.50 with unlimited refills. I boggled, not for the first time how it all makes money, but it’s continued existence proves that it does so good luck to them.

  19. Re wearing of bowties, I always wore a bow tie in the office, precisely because of rule-bound fools like Theo’s dad. They never quite knew whether I was being offensive when I pointed out their stupid errors

  20. Laura Clarke OBE ClientEarth CEO
    Income over £200k according to the accounts.
    Main activity seems to be taking governments and companies to court for not following the law. To use the law to protect the planet of course.

    We should never have brought in legally binding climate targets.

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