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They’re not really understanding this, are they?

Sperm donors should be barred from fathering hundreds of children around the world, experts have said.

Leading fertility scientists have accused the UK’s regulator of failing to act to protect children conceived by sperm donation, after it emerged some foreign donors had fathered more than 1,000 offspring worldwide.

They are calling for an international limit on the number of families donors can create.

Well, OK. Maybe.

Current UK rules mean a single sperm donor can only create 10 families in this country, with each family potentially including multiple siblings.

Experts warn the issue is becoming pressing because more than half of donated sperm used in Britain is imported from abroad – and demand for sperm donors is growing due to an increase in single women and same-sex female couples having children.

See the problem yet?

Thy already limit who may donate in the country. Whatever it is, under 40 and so on. Also, the kids can turn up on the doorstep as the name will be revealed if they ask. But you’ve got to agree to those rules if you are to gain that freedom from having to pay child maintenance. Unless you go through the licenced system you’re on the hook just as if it were a quickie.

Those rules create both a shortage of official donors and also the imports. Further, the black market of doing a favour for a lesbian mate thrives too.

Those rules are creating the porblem being complained of….so of course they’re insisting on more rules…..

4 thoughts on “They’re not really understanding this, are they?”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Well, without the rules you end up with a UK in which everyone has the genetic fitness of the average child in Bradford, and everyone has a lesbian nan.

  2. BiFR’s point is a good one but equally importing plenty of rapists and grooming gangs should compensate and promote hybrid vigour.

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