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They’re not understanding this at all

Labour pledges to ‘clean up politics’ after outrage over Liz Truss honours list
Shadow front bencher says Keir Starmer would not have resignation honours after ‘appalling spectacle’ of ex-prime minister ‘rewarding cronies’

Even if there is corruption here – and there isn’t – it’s not in the handing out of gongs. It’s in what people will do for decades in the hope of getting a gong. These days running a quango is of the same sort of order of keep your nose clean and get a sweetie. Comes with a fat pension, which is more than a K does…..

30 thoughts on “They’re not understanding this at all”

  1. Keir is such a laugh. Labour, flat caps and beer. Yeah, right…

    “For the many not the few” could still lose to the odious Fake Tories if some bright spark publicises his unique pension, made law by Statutory Instrument…

    No privilege there then.

  2. “For the many not the few”

    Wasn’t that Jeremy Corbyn’s catchphrase?
    Since free market capitalism is the only way this has ever been achieved, and Corbyn’s favoured brand of socialism has always achieved the precise opposite, I find it amusing.

  3. But there’s no outrage about ennobling lockdown fanatics, failed bureaucrats (passport delays, asylum backlog), assorted grifters and chancers in the much bigger list of New Year honours.
    People with a gong should have to wear some kind of badge so that we could avoid them or throw rotten vegetables at them.

  4. Pot, kettle, black.

    The usually garrulous Labour Baronesses Lawrence and Chakrabarti for once appear to have nothing to say about this serious matter. Neither has that lying POS Baron Watson of Wyre Forest.

    The Lib Dem’s are just as bad. Who can forget the touchy-feely Lord Rennard appointed by nasty little Nick Clegg. You know, the one who was always banging on about abolishing the HoL.

    How about Labour peer and convicted child sodomite Lord Ahmed? (One of Blair’s, colour me surprised).

    And before I get accused of giving the conservatives a pass just two words; Camilla Batmanjelly.

    The hypocrisy would be breathtaking were it not so predictable.

  5. Mind you looking back just a few years Batman’s “Kids Company” looks positively benign compared to some of today’s abominations.

  6. John – Batmanjelly is bad, but “Baroness Warsi” was an even worse appointment.

    What’s “conservative” about appointing hard-eyed Muslim activists who don’t seem to like British people very much to our Parliament? Warsi’s only contribution to British life is to shout “Islamofobiainnit!” every twenty minutes, and tell disgusting lies about racism.

    She isn’t even in the slightest bit grateful, tho of course they never are.

  7. Good spot and evidence that the conservative picks don’t even bother following the party line. Also ever since Harold Wilson Labour have at least expected something in advance to justify the ermine or gong. You know, like a chunky donation or chairing an enquiry.

    The cash for honours scandal of 2006/7 somehow ensconced the notion that it was a new and exciting exclusively conservative phenomenon. That’s the power of the press for you, the same press that has been solidly fixated on Truss’s 11 nominations to the exclusion of anything else rather like a UN that eats drinks and breathes censuring Israel.

  8. Grist: He was proposed and supported by that scion of the working class, SIR Keir Stramer.

    Indeed, doesn’t Sir Keir constantly burnishes his working class credentials by stating that his father was a tool-maker although why he insists on pointing out the obvious is baffling.

  9. John – “Baroness Warsi’s” Christmas message to Christians:

    In solidarity with the people of Palestine and following the sentiments of the birthplace of Christ and the home of Christianity this year,
    Christmas is cancelled in the Azam Warsi home

    She’s very angry at the Jews for fighting back.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    People with a gong should have to wear some kind of badge so that we could avoid them or throw rotten vegetables at them.

    Only the political appointments, there a lot of people who get justly rewarded for selfless community service.

    As for Sir Kier, I see there’s reports he won’t do any TV interviews in the run up to the GE. I know our political reporters are crap but how’s that for an insult to the rest of us? Arrogant bastard thinks he’s going to waltz in and that the only thing that could go wrong is a disaster of TV interview. Obviously fears another Kinnock at Sheffield moment.

  11. ANNRQ

    of course Margaret Becket who considered Speaker Bercow’s anti-Brexit support more imporrtant than his misogynistic bulltying allegations.

  12. Three bounce-back Prime Ministers in the 20th century who had a gap between the job. MacDonald, Churchill and Wilson.
    I wonder who will be the first one in the 21st century? I’m betting on the Tony Blair of the Institute for Global Change and Fireside Chat.

  13. “Sir” Kneel, the chap who let the Saville investigation stop and then denied all knowledge of it, saying ‘I was only the boss, how the hell could I know what was going on in my own outfit?’

    (I paraphrase – what he actually said was presumably even feebler.)

  14. Yeah, take away the knighthoods from anyone who doesn’t have a special deal to get their pension tax-free.

  15. On which topic I need a limerick for a NYE party on the theme of diversity inclusivity and equity. I think the last line needs “work” so grateful for your thoughts.

    In these times it is best to be blunt:
    We are born with a thing down in front.
    Unless you’re insane
    The options are twain:
    You’ve a willy or else you have not.

  16. Unless you’re insane
    The options are twain:
    You’ve a willy or else you have not.

    Unles you’re a fool
    The options are dual
    You’re a willy or else you’re a cunt


  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ As for Sir Kier, I see there’s reports he won’t do any TV interviews in the run up to the GE. ”

    It just dawned on me on Twatter reading about Rosie Duffield, he doesn’t want to answer the “what is a woman question “.

  18. Don’t forget our old friend Dame Margaret Hodge, who had previously worked so hard to bury Labour’s Islington child abuse scandal.

    Expertise that the Labour government thought made her eminently suited to be children’s minister.

  19. Dame Margaret Hodge was “a long-standing critic of the tax avoidance tactics employed by multinational companies” (Sky News).

    She was also a “tiny tiny tiny shareholder” (to use her own somewhat unfortunate choice of words) in the remarkably tax efficient Stemcor although that tiny tiny tiny personal holding along with unverified alleged additional interests via tax-efficient trusts would have been a life-changing sum for all but the top 0,01%.

  20. I think TMB was referencing the marvellous limerick-failing Nauseous.
    Now then, “The Prologue…”

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