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This reduction would make it only third largest annual number in history

Cleverly pledges to deliver biggest ever reduction in net migration
Home Secretary tells MPs five-point plan will cut number coming to the UK by 300,000

Note the “by” not the “to”, by from a very big number is still a very big number.

17 thoughts on “This reduction would make it only third largest annual number in history”

  1. Martin Near The M25

    In other words, the Minister For Pretending To Reduce Immigration has pretended to reduce immigration.

  2. I was 35 in 1997 when Blair opened the immigration floodgates.

    I can’t remember the first 35 years of my life being blighted by the lack of immigrant workers.

  3. And still the pontificating liars go on about resurrecting the worthless Rwanda scheme which at the very best will result in us accepting liability to house, feed and generally coddle a Rwandan of their choice for every cross channel floater sent south (which our taxpayer funded legal advocates and judges will continue to ensure never happens anyway). Don’t expect the five point plan to apply to any of these doctors and engineers.

    Oh and it will cost us millions if not billions.

  4. Unfortunately the changes also impact spouses of UK citizens already living here – ie my non uk wife, four years into a path to citizenship with only 8 months left to go after spending thousands on home office and NHS ‘fees’ now facing the prospect of having to leave because we may not achieve the new salary requirements which have just doubled. This means either moving to a country which is not hospitable to me and our children (and FCDO advises against all travel to), or separating. utter cnuts changing the goalposts after we had planned everything based on what was existing government rules.

  5. Are these those “Schrödinger’s Immigrants”- Y’know, those highly educated doctors and engineers whom we desperately need to bring into the UK so that they can do the low paid, menial and shit jobs that Brits don’t want to do?

    And then, having imported the cream of the third world just so that we can underemploy them and give them a paltry wage, we can then complain about poverty and throw a couple of billion at that problem too.

    …and one hand washes the other…

  6. I don’t like that tax surcharge for healthcare on foreign nationals working in UK. It can’t be racist ‘cos it’s been going since 2014 and someone would have won a case by now. But deffo unfair to pay more tax compared to a UK national in same job.

  7. Why do they bother ? It us like Starmer the other day prausing Thatcher. It is so transparently false, really surely no one can believebanything these rwats say on any subject.

    Coming from Saff Lunnon, thevatea wherevI lived was very… vibrant and diverse. I am not sure my schooldays would have been worse if they were not.

  8. Does that “by 300,000” refer to the number of migrants or the year this plan will fall into place? Just asking .

  9. Bongo – the NHS surcharge does have some advantages though – the receptionists at our GP are on immigrant visas so also paying this, as a result they will ALWAYS give priority bookings to others in the same situation, as a result my wife never has to wait for appointments – which seems fair because she is paying more, therefore she should get priority over regular citizens using the NHS.

  10. Zaichik,

    I felt sympathy for your predicament until you introduced the theme of immigrants giving each other preferential access ahead of “regular citizens” to a public service and presumably expected us to agree that this was ok.

  11. Note the qualification

    ‘net’ migration

    We are talking apples and potatoes here

    People coming in are not the same as those leaving

  12. Zaichik – I am sorry to hear it.

    In my experience, the authorities in this country treat the kind of legal immigrants who obey laws and make our country a better place like shit.

    They love the deranged, rapey, jihadi migrants who can’t read or write in their own language instead.

  13. E.g. from Guido today:

    The government is now telling us to stock up on candles, battery radios, and torches to bolster our “personal resilience” in the case of an emergency. Is Sunak that unconvinced by his ability to govern?

    Oliver Dowden made his annual “Resilience Statement” to the Commons yesterday after visiting Porton Down and convincing himself that citizens need a “unified government resilience website” for advice in case a crisis wipes out power supplies or the digital network. A website won’t be much use in that case would it…

    It’s the pitchforks they should be worried about. If the British state falls over, millions of people won’t be willing to help it get back up.

  14. @Andrew C
    I was 35 in 1997 when Blair opened the immigration floodgates.

    I can’t remember the first 35 years of my life being blighted by the lack of immigrant workers

    Snap. Nor do I remember UK being a dictatorship with no rights before Blair dragged us into ECHR

    Life in UK was better, safer, more tolerant and freer pre-Blair

    Now we’re living in an Anarcho-Tyranny

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