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This seems unlikely

The Meghan effect: Netflix boss predicts wave of legal dramas
The success of Suits will inspire more television shows based on the legal profession, according to Ted Sarandos

It wasn’t a very good show to start with, she’s not a good actress and, well, is her reputation a positive these days anyway?

15 thoughts on “This seems unlikely”

  1. If they were only 75% as good as LA Law and Boston Legal (My name’s Denny Crane – BANG!) I’d watch.

    But chances are they won’t come close.

  2. One can’t complain if a corporate mastermind decides to emulate a Bud Lite interpretation of what the target audience wants. A series on how a fictitious country swept away a gaggle of royal thickos and voted to become a republic under President Nigel would do much better.

  3. Audiences just can’t get enough of the hot young 42 year old actress!

    PS – I predict that in the future there will be TV shows about crime.

  4. While apparently terrible it is also apparently Netflix’s biggest show, or one of.

    Better Call Saul was shit.

  5. I watched the first season of Suits when it first aired on Dave in 20011 or 2012, years before it became popular and moved upmarket to Channel 4. I quite enjoyed it, but the “love interest “ para legal she played was easily the weakest of the main characters.

  6. Is this a *recent* article?

    Because I don’t know if Suits is or is not a success – but she’s not in it, hasn’t been in it in a long time, so she’s not a contributor to its success.

  7. Nor is watching it because someone who is in the news was in it going to be applicable to other shows in the same genre.

  8. Better Call Saul was shit.
    But somewhat in the spirit of Harry & Megan.
    (Bent as a hairpin self promoting lawyer meets the Mexican drug cartels. Contains comedy)

  9. “So maybe we’ll find out in a future series if Petrocelli ever finished that house he was building in the desert?”
    -unfortunately Barry Newman died in may

  10. Nothingburger over here too except for the Daily Fail which seems still to be too interested in them & the grift. Of course Netflix have lost a lot of $$ on those two so I guess they are desperately trying to reduce the damage in other ways.

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