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Twiggy is a one, eh?

The Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has used the backdrop of the Cop28 climate summit to pay for ads in more than 10 major newspapers around the world attacking the oil and gas industry and calling for fossil fuels to be phased out.

Forrest, who this year ranked as Australia’s second richest person, with a net worth of A$33.3bn (£17.4bn), placed an ad in the Friday edition of papers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Financial Times, Times of India, Australian Financial Review and the Australian.

OK. Anyone can have any view they like, obvs.

The campaign was timed to run as Forrest, who made his fortune mining iron ore but who has more recently become an aggressive renewable energy investor and advocate, called for urgent action at the climate summit in the United Arab Emirates.

Ah, yes, his investing plans. In renewables. And, in fact, his mining is more into the metals for renewables as well.

No, no, of course rich men do not try to shift public policy into supporting their own investment plans. Perish the thought. Never happens.

8 thoughts on “Twiggy is a one, eh?”

  1. Ah, but has he made a “donation” to the PM? A sign of true commitment to the Green Cause? Sir Kneel says it’s quite an effective method of spreading the Gospel…

  2. This cunt just treated himself to $98 billion-worth of new private jet.

    It’s as though Marie Antoinette had said not ‘Let them eat cake’ but ‘Don’t let them eat anything’ while rolling through the towns of France on a mouseman buffet table groaning with stuffed peacocks carried by crippled children.

    I know she didn’t say it anyway, but this guy must have some sort of death wish.

  3. I think the eye of a needle is too big Steve.

    We need to mash them up smaller.

    PS. Needless to say I’m appalled that Tim chose to quote from some Aussie moron instead of a damn foreigner. But that drongo Albanese was voted into power, so I suppose that not all Aussies are as sensible as I am.

  4. I think the eye of a needle is too supine, Steve.

    Our policy on these rich men should be: make them pass through the jaw of a lion.

  5. Interesting to see the abuse that some are heaping onTwiggy….can’t, moron etc…is it envy of a bloke who is a self made billionaire, or his choice of a business jet? Australia benefits greatly from our miners and entrepreneurs

  6. No it’s not envy Jimintheantipodes. It’s just selfishness.

    If the bastards push that green rubbish down my throat, I’ll be stuck with an expensive, unreliable energy supply.

    As far as I’m concerned, the business of the government is to keep me in the luxury to which we’d all like to become accustomed. Claiming that I should make sacrifices to Holy Mother Gaia instead of me enjoying a pampered life is totally unacceptable.

  7. @Jimintheantipodes

    No, it’s because he’s a cunt. He wants everyone else to bow down to the climate gods but thinks a private jet is fine for him.

    If he eschewed all the carbon production himself and lived the life he wants others to live he wouldn’t be a cunt, just a twat.

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