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Weather warnings are in place across the UK as temperatures plunged below freezing overnight.

Snow hit parts of London on Friday and the icy conditions are forecast to continue throughout the weekend. It comes after temperatures plunged to their lowest since March.

Aren’t we now three or four years past the no snow ever again event?

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  1. It was the year 2000
    “According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia ,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.”

    But fear not!

    By 2020, climate scientists had learned much more. And knew to push the projection forward more…..

    “Snowy winters could become a thing of the past as climate change affects the UK, Met Office analysis suggests.
    It suggests by the 2040s most of southern England could no longer see sub-zero days.”

  2. Don’t worry. I’m assured that this Australian summer will be the most horrendous on record. Absolutely everything is going to melt.

    So you can rely on us to take up the burden of global boiling.

  3. IIRC that was the same prediction that hailed the end of the barbecue summer

    Been one every year since….

  4. Snow hit parts of London on Friday and the icy conditions are forecast to continue throughout the weekend. It comes after temperatures plunged to their lowest since March.

    Between March and December, we usually see “Spring” and “Summer”, then “Autumn”. The surprise would be if there were lower temperatures in June than November.

  5. Many record cold temperatures have been set in the last couple of years in all parts of the globe.
    ‘Global warming’ only exists in the output of computer models and we know how good they are.

  6. “It comes after temperatures plunged to their lowest since March.“

    What jgh said – who could have predicted it?

    But, at the same time, November was warmer than March apparently – are they suggesting that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

    And, given that there are weather warnings issued (presumably due to dangers inherent to cold weather), shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to bring forward that no-more-sub-zero-temperatures more quickly than 2040?

  7. Fortunately we have solar and wind power should it ever get cold. Last night solar was sadly and predictably zero. Fortunately wind was meeting 2% of electricity supplemented by a bit of gas topping it up with a further 62%. Of course a lot lot more gas was being used directly for heating.

  8. Most people here are confusing weather with climate. Weather is when the thermometer goes down; climate is when it goes up.

  9. Like AndyF I’ve been keeping an eye on Gridwatch this weekend to see how all the renewables are doing.
    Demand has been pretty high, around 40GW during this cold snap.
    Wind has been contributing approximately 2-3% of supply with most of the heavy lifting being done by nuclear (11%) but mainly CCGT (60% ish).
    Seems pretty self evident that pursuing ever more wind/solar power is going to be ruinous for this country.

  10. Snow hit parts of London on Friday

    I was in London all Friday, and didn’t see a single snowflake (excluding metaphorical ones).

  11. Aren’t we now three or four years past the no snow ever again event?

    Happen we are, we all know those Warble Gloaming predictions are more pig shit than horse shit. Not a single prediction has ever come true from the de-icing of the North West passage to the drowning of the Seychelles.

    Then again, the liars-in-chief knew this damn well otherwise the Obama’s of this world wouldn’t be be buying beachfront properties from the Florida Keys to Martha’s Vineyard.

    Got the bus from Perth to Edinburgh this morning and it was snow pilled up all around and struggling to get through the countryside around Kinross. All seatbelts and snowploughs.

    Warble Gloaming my arse.

  12. …does it mean that God wants the UK to become a republic?

    If God wanted the UK to become a republic he would’ve sent them a mediocre lackwit to be their King.

    Oh, wait…

  13. If only we could go back to the golden era “before the industrial age” when winters were so cold the Thames regularly froze so hard “ice fairs” were held on its surface and no doubt lots of people froze to death. Especially as “pre-industrial” was generally rubbish and most people lived shit lives and around 1 in 4 babies never saw their 5th birthday.
    This was of course the tail end of the period known as “The Little Ice Age” and it’s clearly terrifying that global temperatures have risen 1.5c since then.

  14. El Reg, 2008.

    This article is more than 1 year old
    Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate
    How Parliament passed the Climate Bill
    Andrew Orlowski
    Wed 29 Oct 2008 // 12:35 UTC

    Snow fell as the House of Commons debated Global Warming yesterday – the first October fall in the metropolis since 1922. The Mother of Parliaments was discussing the Mother of All Bills for the last time, in a marathon six hour session.

  15. It would be quite ironic (albeit not much fun) if God in his infinite wisdom deigned to punish us mere mortals for all our Warble Gloaming bullshit with another Ice Age.

    Just to show the extent of our hubris.

    Here’s another 80,000 years of snow and ice!

    Bwa Haa Haa!

  16. Here’s an idea – we all know that the latent heat of evaporation of water is massive, around 2MegaJoules per kilo just to move it from liquid at 100C to gas at 100C.
    And we all know that the mean temperature of the earth is around 15C, give or take a few spots.
    And that we would like to avoid extremes, ‘cos they cost a lot.

    So is there a compound knocking around or which we can make cheaply which boils at around 15C and which has a massive latent heat of evaporation. As temperature rises the effect gets attenuated by the energy cost of boiling our compound, and as temperature drops that energy gets given back, thus making extremes less extreme.
    Or am i just living a fairytale thinking this.

  17. “The total mass of Earth’s hydrosphere is about 1.4 × 10^18 tonnes.”

    I don’t see a need for anything else to cool things down. No planet with water on it can ever have runaway warming. Our own planet’s history is evidence of that.

  18. Back when Dr Who used to have decent writers, many SciFi stories were in ice-ball Earth. It was “obvious”, “settled science”, “uncontrovertable” that the Earth was cooling.

  19. Why do you think it stopped being Global Warming and turned into Climate Change Emergency Catastrophe Armageddon?

    ‘cos Global Warming is too obviously falsifiable.

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