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We don’t like it therefore you shouldn’t do it

How desperately illiberal this is:

Campaigners have called the British Museum “astonishingly out of touch” after it announced a 10-year, £50m partnership with BP to help fund one of the biggest redevelopments in its history.

Because we don’t like you doing it therefore it should not happen. Sigh.

11 thoughts on “We don’t like it therefore you shouldn’t do it”

  1. Martin Near The M25

    Surely they should be downsizing given the number of exhibits they sold on Ebay? Last time I went I was expecting to see “Everything must go!” signs.

  2. From a school trip many many (many) years ago to see the British Museum’s exhibition about Pompeii, I have a souvenir book. Considering Pompeii was buried in ash, I’ve always thought it ironic that the exhibition was sponsored by Imperial Tobacco.

  3. Chris Garrard, a co-director of the campaign group Culture Unstained, said

    Who are these cunts and where do they come from?

    Our Arsehole Factories must be doing overtime.

  4. Dr Chris Garrard is a campaigner with Culture Unstained, a member group of the ‘Art Not Oil’ coalition which campaigns against oil sponsorship of cultural institutions.

    He was the lead author of Art Not Oil’s influential report into BP’s sponsorship of arts and cultural institutions and has written about ethical funding of museums and galleries for publications including The Guardian, Arts Professional and Classical Music Magazine.
    In 2015, he uncovered attempts by the oil company Shell to influence the London Science Museum’s curatorial decisions relating to its climate science gallery, an exposé that featured on the Guardian’s front page.

    He is also a trained composer and has coordinated several classical music projects on climate change.

    Translation: his Mum was over 40 when she plopped him out and he will never see another woman’s vagina in his life.

  5. We should remove £100 of public funding for every £1 of private funding these virtue signalling wankers refuse.

    I wonder how long it’d take after there was a threat to their obscenely generous compensation before they suddenly discovered Green Washing wasn’t an existential threat to humanity?

  6. Who are these cunts and where do they come from?

    It’s reading about cunts like these that make me want to hop on the Net Zero bandwagon.
    If we’re all scraping about in the dirt, killing each other over every morsel of low grade, barely nutritious food we can coax out of the ground, then we won’t have to put up with insufferable twats telling us how evil we are because of reasons.
    We’d be too busy smashing a shovel over his head for a potato. And looking at his picture
    It wouldn’t be too difficult.

  7. CD – yarp, soft men (just look at him) campaigning for hard times is like a mildly retarded turkey getting excited for Christmas.

    Come the revolution, Dr. (not a real doctor) Garrard will be lucky to become a sex slave belonging to a biker gang.

  8. Maybe he should appeal to the BP shareholders or even buy a couple of shares so can table a question at AGM asking directors to explain how this meets their duty to maximise profits.
    Recall union rep a number of years ago asking why the company was pulling out of manufacturing land mines as it was a profitable business and his union members were quite happy with their jobs

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