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Well, yes, obviously

The fact that a judge has now said there is “compelling evidence” that Morgan “knew very well” about phone hacking at the Daily Mirror when he was editor has given the Duke an enormous stick with which to beat him.

Just as he knew about the share trading too.


12 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. “There was a time when the words of a member of the judiciary carried some authority & probity, wasn’t there?” He joked.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Because a senior manager, here an editor of a major newspaper, has some responsibility, duty of care even, to ensure their company isn’t wantonly treading on other peoples’ rights? And if they hear of it at the very least put a stop to it pronto rather than ignoring it? And that this is a legal, not just moral, responsibility?

  3. Remember the Daily Mirror was doing financial crimes and things were looking dodgy for Piers but it was a Labour government, so…

    On the other hand, remember how easily Max Clifford was completely destroyed and then died in prison.

    I wonder what Max Clifford did to offend TPTB.

  4. Never forget that the British legal system recently found the bed-crapper Amber Heard to be the innocent party (chortle).

    I’m surprised some enterprising lawyer hasn’t attempted to try Donald Trump over here, although the US system already seems to be pushing the boundaries.

  5. John – I’m surprised some enterprising lawyer hasn’t attempted to try Donald Trump over here

    They’d be spinning in their chairs like the little girl from The Exorcist.


    “My Lord, this is a civil matter concerning the contractual obligations of a golf club…”

  6. Since the ‘Duke’ failed in some of his claims, I’m hoping that he will have to pay costs in respect of those failures. Possibly those costs may exceed the £140K awarded for the claims in which he succeeded. So, we may have a situation in which both of the parties have lost. Merry Christmas.

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