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You know those folks who say the young are our future etc?

And that therefore the young should have more of a say – reduce the voting age etc?

Across the continent, the image of the radical-right voter – typically white, male, non-graduate and, above all, old – is changing, and studies suggest that in several countries, support for the far right is growing fastest among younger voters.

How much of that is predicated on old lefties assuming that the young vote left?

And will their calls change when they realise the truth?

12 thoughts on “You know those folks who say the young are our future etc?”

  1. I think the point is they are all raging lefties while supported by families and sponging off the state or at university (still sponging of course)

    When they actually have to make their way in the world, receive their first pay statement and realise just how much money they are losing to subsidise their former fellow activists and for the government to waste they tend to become rather more rightwing

  2. By ‘far right’ they mean reasonable centrist values. It is ever the case that the young rebel against their parents’ ideas, so a swing away from the leftist ideology isn’t really a surprise – but it is not ‘far right’ by any means. Just not left.

    Time to order in popcorn.

  3. Longrider – establishment politics has moved so far into loony left territory that believing the same things Norman Lamont said he believed in 1993 does make you “far right”.

    I mean, the King supports Net Zero. Our political “mainstream” is just a Khmer Rouge made up of rich arseholes we don’t need.

    Remember how the fictional PM Francis Urquhart dealt with that situation?

  4. Since “far-right” just means anything, literally anything, that isn’t boilerplate 1960s radical-chic Leftism with some hippie eco-panic bolted on the side, this is only to be expected as the Baby Boom ages. What those younger voters actually think is another matter. Some of them seem okay to me, others are barking mad.

    So business as usual, then.

  5. The left wishes to lower the voting age. At the same time they are telling us that those teenagers are too immature to be treated like adults when they commit crimes. Too young to own firearms, buy liquor and understand student loans.

  6. “Far-right” when used by the Guardian or their broadcast arm, the BBC, simply means “people we disapprove of (and, therefore, you must too)”.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m still waiting for them to pass judgement on Germany’s very left wing media darling Sahra Wagenknecht‘s new party.

    She’s against immigration, Germany is full, and has attracted a lot of AfD supports to her cause.

    The left wing hard-right party or the hard right left-wing party? It’s going to cause some heads to explode.

  8. In the last NZ election many of my students were very pro-ACT.

    ACT are not far right, but they are very much not Left.

    The kids were actually drifting a long way right.

  9. The left wing hard-right party or the hard right left-wing party? It’s going to cause some heads to explode

    As per usual, politics drifts towards the fascists versus the communists.
    Pick your poison.
    Do you want the state to mow down people it doesn’t like (which may or may not include you but probably will) or be more even and mow down everybody (which will definitely include you)?

  10. I remember a quote in the paper from some woman working at a polling station in December 2019, aghast at the teenage boys coming in to vote and asking “Which one’s Boris?”

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