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Anyone bored enough to do this?

To hit the ground running rather than face first, Labour must prepare for power now
Andrew Rawnsley

Is this just a cut and paste from 1996? Seems platitudinous enough.

5 thoughts on “Anyone bored enough to do this?”

  1. Sir Keir Starmer recently surprised some colleagues by telling them that he regards the time he has spent in parliament since he became a Labour MP as “the most futile nine years of my career

    Unfair of Sir Queer. His whole life is an exercise in futility.

  2. Arrogant tosser implying he has actually done something worthwhile previously which anyone with a pulse knows not to be the case.

  3. Is that supposed to be a veiled reference to Kinnock’s trip on the beach at the party conference before the election, maybe Starmer needs to be careful where he takes a stroll

  4. Politics is an amazing thing, isn’t? The current bunch make Kinnock look competent & a welcome Prime Minister in waiting.

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