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Blimey, that’s brave of Will Hutton

On this evidence, TfL is part of a British management culture in which workplace fairness is far too low down the hierarchy of concerns, and personal remuneration too high.


His salary hit £180,000 a year

That’s 15 years ago too. At the Work Foundation. To add to his newspaper and book earnings. Plus his wife’s buy to let empire. The Work Foundation that went bust of course.

Brave Willy, brave.

4 thoughts on “Blimey, that’s brave of Will Hutton”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Willy and Polly were right at the back of the queue when self awareness was being handed out.

  2. Hutton’s right. A hundred grand a year including overtime for pressing a GO or STOP button. The mare of London has fed the wolves, but they’ll be back for more.

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