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Clearly this is possible

Almost half of all Spanish men say feminism has gone too far and they are now discriminated against, according to findings which revealed nearly a third of women agree with them.

Spain has pivoted towards feminist-friendly policies in recent years under Pedro Sánchez, its Left-wing prime minister.

Some 44 per cent of men agreed that society had “come so far in promoting women’s equality that men are now being discriminated against”, according to the survey by Spain’s National Centre for Sociological Research.

Is it true though?

The survey, based on interviews with 4,000 people, also showed that Spanish women continue to bear a larger burden in terms of care and housework. On a weekday, women spend an average of just under three hours on chores, 50 per cent more than men.

Among parents, Spanish women dedicate 6.7 hours to their children per day, almost double the number clocked up by men.

The findings sparked concern among feminists that Spanish men were confusing a loss of historic privileges with an invasion of their rights.

Without showing us the paid working hours of the sexes we don’t know whether that’s an equal division of the overall workload or not, do we? That kids need looking after is true. That a household requires income is also true. So, how are the tasks divided among the adults in the household? And, yes, that is the important part – for the household is the human economic unit.

11 thoughts on “Clearly this is possible”

  1. I naturally prefer that people be chosen on merit. That way the job gets done.

    Still, this does explain the immense and continuing growth in the number of trans women.

  2. Perhaps the recent and ongoing ruckus about a lady footballer being given a mildly inappropriate kiss by the head of the Spanish football federation was not as representative of the groundswell of public opinion that the bbc (yep, it’s them again) and others would have us believe.

  3. Yes, yes, women hoover up and clean the toilet more. Does the report include the number of hours men spend fixing the car, sorting the leaky tap, mowing the lawn, clearing the gutters, painting the fence, emptying the bins, taking care of the finances and re-pointing the bricks?

  4. There’s little doubt Spanish women are far keener on cleaning, cooking. child caring & dressing sexy than their Brit equivalents. (Although the S. Americans still regard them as dirty, lazy sluts.) Feminism? Most seem too busy being female.

  5. Three hours a day on household chores, or four and a half in total.
    Call me newfangled but that seems a very inefficient household. Maybe they should get some of these modern domestic appliances, unless Spain doesn’t have electricity yet.
    And six or seven hours on childcare looks like an invasion of a teenager’s privacy.

  6. Among parents, Spanish women dedicate 6.7 hours to their children per day, almost double the number clocked up by men.

    Funny. My wife spends about 20 hours a day with our children.

    I help out sometimes, but a man’s got to put food on the table.

  7. And don’t forget travel to work. My wife chose to give up work to look after our children. It wasn’t just the labouring at the coal-face that took time and effort. At one point I was driving over 30 miles each way, and didn’t enjoy much of it. Feminists would probably think that my wife was being hard done by, and that I should have caught up with her housework hours when I got back late from the office.

  8. People can perceive that they are being discriminated against when they are not – see the whole race and gender grift industry.

  9. @philip
    It’s a different mindset to what you may be used to. Spanish women value the time they give to housework. They can’t get enough of it. God help you if you get in the way. S Americans are even worse.
    I guess it’s cultural. Both Spain & SA were always poor. You didn’t have very much but what you had was kept impeccably clean. Even if it wasn’t dirty it might have been. The pride of the poor. (Very much the same as my working class grandparents in the UK) Tolerance of grubbiness comes with wealth.

  10. Michael van der Riet

    In a hetero relationship, women do most of the parenting.

    Boy children grow up to be adult toxic male shits. (Some, most, all depending on degree of bias of opinion-holder.)

    Therefore, woman parents from time immemorial have raised boys to be toxic male shits in adulthood. This is no accident; women parents want it that way. To claim otherwise is to say that women are helpless and incompetent, and we all know that they’re actually stronger, smarter and all-round better people than men.

    Therefore, the patriarchy is what women want.

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