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Don’t we have a spare CBE floating around at the moment?

Woman, 70, charged after car drives into pro-Palestine protesters
Several people calling for ceasefire in Gaza suffered minor injuries in the incident

Seems a suitable home.

8 thoughts on “Don’t we have a spare CBE floating around at the moment?”

  1. “Police tried to forcibly clear away protesters in order to facilitate the driver to get through. People resisted

    Unlike the words spoken by Donald Trump in this instance there was only one very fine person (and her car).

  2. Good old JockPlod.

    Corruption in high places? Och, mon, Ae got a stiff neck and canna see!

    Bus? Nae, nae, waste of time!

    Ferries? Nae canna see none…

    70 year old lady bumps into Anti-Semites? Lemme at her!

  3. He a similar headline about environment protests recently, reading the detail a busy intersection was blocked and the driver tried to slow weave around the protesters who then tried to open the car door and were bangin on the window of the car which would be harassment, threat of assault. The police complaint had actually been lodged by the driver who felt threatened but headline was person drives into protestors

  4. Steve,

    I’m so sorry to hear this lady wasn’t driving a snow plough

    My immediate thoughts, exactly.

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