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Downing Street wants to give UK families higher priority for social housing in a controversial scheme that will be badged as “British homes for British workers”, the Guardian can reveal.

Officials will launch a consultation in the coming weeks into how they can give British citizens faster access to social housing, a move designed in part to bolster Rishi Sunak’s reputation for being tough on immigration.

But the move has prompted anger from some in government, who warn it could further fuel support for the rightwing Reform UK party.

How does this *increase* support for Reform?

15 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Maybe because it makes people realise that up until now, if they believed all the rubbish about ‘refugees and migrants don’t get social housing over natives, you racist!’, they’ve been well and truly conned?

  2. It’s like shit poetry:

    Gordon Brown has no regrets over using the phrase “British jobs for British workers”, Downing Street insisted today as a series of unofficial strikes broke out over UK construction jobs awarded to European workers.

    As anger intensified over plans by oil companies to employ Portuguese and Italian workers, the prime minister said that he understood people’s concerns.

  3. It should be illegal for non British citizens to get social housing and anyone who has social housing and isn’t a British citizen should be given 6 months to leave.

    BTW I would also let illegal immigrants work but pay a higher rate of tax – and never get benefits or citizenship nor return to the UK if they leave.

  4. When looking through a list of the people who died in Grenfell, there was an Italian Architecture student, who has just started his degree. You wonder why this unfortunate person got a council flat, but I daresay even asking would be construed as racist 🙁

  5. Rupert

    He must have been one of the very few Europeans.

    Or maybe he wasn’t called Gino and had only recently obtained an Italian passport?

  6. Sounds nice David.

    Of course being a total reactionary, I’ve naturally considered the re-introduction of slavery for illegals.

    But I’m sure that Tim will point out that with such huge incentives to increase their importation, the UK would be overrun in a few days.

  7. I would also let illegal immigrants work but pay a higher rate of tax – and never get benefits or citizenship nor return to the UK if they leave.

    Add much higher job tax (ie employer national insurance) for legal overseas hires too, and then maybe the companies bringing in foreign workers might start considering offering training for locals.

  8. P.s. promises to “prioritise” in an election year after 13 years in power count for jack shit. and fool nobody.

    Their sole if inadvertent value is to highlight exactly what the conservatives have not been doing for well over a decade.

  9. Rupert: «people who died in Grenfell […] there was an Italian Architecture student»

    Wasn’t there an issue whereby several of the occupants were not the tenants but where the tenants lived elsewhere and had rented out their flats (in contravention of the terms of their rental) to third parties?

  10. But I bet the Indian midget and his chinless associates never realised that all his years of Blackaddery scheming were so he could speed run a crappy, woke reboot of the Gordon Brown administration, sans the popularity.


  11. TMB

    Analysis of the number and identities of those claiming to be residents and therefore entitled to compensation and high-quality rehoming against any official records was considered verboten.

    As for the possibility, perish the thought, of any with questionable immigration and residency status being involved – the fish-faced cow made sure straight away that would never be looked into.

  12. ..for British workers? Surely if you’re working you don’t need social housing. Social Housing’s for The Unemployed shirely?

  13. Scrap social housing entirely.

    It creates ghettos and traps people geographically: you can’t exchane social housing in one area for another.

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