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Err, yes…..

The Royal Navy is redeploying marines and sailors to become diversity and inclusion officers to enhance the “lived experience” of personnel amid ongoing recruitment challenges in manning its ships.

Three internal Navy job advertisements, seen by The Telegraph, seek to attract serving sailors and marines to work on diversity policy. The roles are based in Navy Command HQ [NCHQ] in Portsmouth and are intended to “improve the lived experience of our people”.

17 thoughts on “Err, yes…..”

  1. We have over 10 million people in this country actively siding with our enemies and demanding our slaughter, millions more who would refuse to fight to defend this country, and the armed forces themselves being converted into flower arrangers and basket weavers. Poke the fork in, we’re done.

  2. DEI is probably the major cause for their recruiting problems. Having seen that RAF aircrew selection being hobbled by the requirement to recruit the “correct” proportion of minorities, we should be looking at this across the board. In particular, the “30% women by 2030” target is worthy of investigation 🙁

  3. Maybe they should be looking at improving the dying experience of their sailors. Like making sure it doesn’t happen.

  4. Entirely logical. Gays, trannies, women, museum curators, journalists and environmentalists are the most under threat from our enemies so should be first in the queue to live the experience of manning our ships.

  5. I wonder how many straight young men they put off with their daft DEI. Get the women and trannies and such off the ships and you might just get enough young male volunteers. And keep the senior NCOs and experienced sailors who are just fed up with all the BS. I suspect retention is a far more serious problem than low recruitment.

    Mind you I spent about a week of my army service as ’embarked troops’ on an assault ship and it was both boring and uncomfortable, and the matelots didn’t seem to speak proper English.

  6. rhoda klapp – I wonder how many straight young men they put off with their daft DEI


    In the US of States, which our masters love and slavishly emulate, the DEI has inspired white men to avoid the armed forces in droves. Here’s what had to say a couple of weeks ago:

    Army Sees Sharp Decline in White Recruits

    The Army’s recruiting of white soldiers has dropped significantly in the last half decade, according to internal data reviewed by, a decline that accounts for much of the service’s historic recruitment slump that has become the subject of increasing concern for Army leadership and Capitol Hill.

    NB – the US Army is now trying to delete all its adverts featuring pink haired lesbians from the Internet, and is going back to ra ra tough guy patriotism type messaging (Be All You Can Be, lol) in a desperate attempt to snag those stale, pale gullibles General White Rage was denouncing in Congress only a couple of years ago.

    It won’t work, the armed forces are Bud Light now. It doesn’t matter how many expensive adverts featuring country music, US flags and cowboys Bud Light pays for, everyone remembers that it’s AIDS-water made by people who despise them.

    The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army are in the same position on a much smaller scale. The kids don’t think they’re cool anymore, they know they’re laughable, rainbow lanyard soyboys on comedy wages who do nothing useful to defend Britain.


  7. Dave – it’s the nautical version of McNamara’s Morons:,000

    According to Hamilton Gregory, author of the book McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War, inductees of the project died at three times the rate[1] of other Americans serving in Vietnam and following their service had lower incomes and higher rates of divorce than their non-veteran counterparts. The project was ended in December 1971.[3]

    It’s a good thing aircraft carriers are a lot easier to operate than the M16 rifle, or the US Navy might be in trouble.

    I bet Chinese sailors can read tho.

  8. Militaries and I suppose all enterprises get on better without the low IQ contributors. I remember a colleague who’d passed all the courses and tests of whom we said ‘ Having Charlie B on your crew is like having three men off sick.’

  9. @rhoda:

    Yes, maybe encouraging the useless and dangerous to join DEI initiatives is just a way to get them out of the way. The B Ark Royal, if you like.

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