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For Fuck’s Sake

Britain must develop a biotech strategy to unlock prosperity
As biotech investments surge in the US and China, Britain must act quickly to define its role in the evolving global landscape
Tony Blair and
William Hague

We’re already very good at Biotech. Because government isn’t involved and therefore we’ve not got a plan.

Fuck off and leave it alone. Tossers.

17 thoughts on “For Fuck’s Sake”

  1. Any and all reen subsidies, any money paid to trades unions (including paid time for civil servants to do union work), the Scottish and Welsh assemblies…

  2. So you don’t need to abolish the regulations because you haven’t got any.

    I can see how the UK became a major industrial power!!!!

  3. Britain must act quickly to define its role

    Why do they talk like this, is it some kind of bat-signal for arseholes or something?

    Tony Blair and William Hague


    A war criminal and the straightest man in Soho (according to lawyers, I assume)

    Btw William Hague is also known as “William Jefferson Hague, Baron Hague of Richmond, PC, FRSL”.

    That’s a lot of titles for a man who has never achieved anything, no? I like to think Margaret Thatcher (PBUH) is looking down on Willie from heaven, and she still thinks he’s a dick.

  4. As former leaders of the Labour and Conservative parties, we are convinced that the best hope for the future of our country is to seize the great opportunities of the technological and scientific revolution now under way

    I’m convinced the best hope for our country involves a magnificent African lion snacking on Tony Blair’s crunchy femur. I call him Rory.

    Whatever our political differences on more traditional issues,

    What differences are those?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    A big brained Labour MP asked a written question about nationalising the Post Office. This is the quality of person they want to have greater control over the the research and long term planning hi tech industries.

    And as Ed Davey has demonstrated, they only want the kudos, not the responsibility when things go wrong.

  6. Is there a more sickening duo in British public life than Bill & Tone? Even worse than Campbell & Stewart. Although that’s a tough one.

    @Steve – I don’t think Hague bats for the pink team. My reasoning is that his wife’s too foxy Generally in a lavender marriage, the missus is somewhat dowdy. Doesn’t matter to the hubby because a pretty girl is no more use to him than a munter.

    Of course that would mean his deeply unconvincing story about sharing a hotel room with a junior aide strictly for reasons of economy was true…

  7. Steve: The Murphy kind of expert. Perhaps both Billy & Tone are suffering from a loss of public recognition so they have to spout this nonsense.
    Personally I would want them to fade away like forgotten pop stars who end up working in a chippy.

  8. Marius –Is there a more sickening duo in British public life than Bill & Tone?

    Burke and Hare had better intentions. At least they actually helped science.

    TG – Personally I would want them to fade away like forgotten pop stars who end up working in a chippy.

    You are too kind. Sometimes for no reason at all I am reminded of the fate of one of our former civil servants, Sir Hugh de Cressingham.

  9. Steve, I can see the attraction, but a future life of doing a shit job with no recognition is going to hurt them far more in the long run than being flayed alive.

  10. Isn’t this just a demand to let the US pharma companies a free go on NHS patient data? I notice that in all this talk of NHS patient data being used to make other people money there no mention of any of that money coming back to those who created it, the patients……..

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