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Free speech?

Following that report, writers behind 247 Substack publications issued an open letter to the company asking it to clarify its policies and explain why it chooses to “promote and allow the monetization of sites that traffic in white nationalism”. In response, the Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie said the platform would not remove or de-monetize newsletters promoting white nationalism, stating that the platform was “committed to upholding and protecting freedom of expression, even when it hurts”.

Meaning, if it’s legal, they get to say it?

Sure, freedom more generally does mean that those who don;t like the idea can run their newsletters on some other platform. That’s fine too.

Myself I’d suggest they do too.

13 thoughts on “Free speech?”

  1. The company’s edgelord branding ensures that the fringes will continue to arrive and set up shop, and its infrastructure creates the possibility that those publications will grow quickly,” Newton wrote. “That’s what matters.”

    I don’t think neo Nazi candidates have ever been more than a Tony fringe in the US (at least since just prior to WW2) – and the way to make Martyrs quickly is to bar them from speaking – that said, she has at least vacated the platform rather than call for it to be shut down, so she’s less objectionable and more considered than many. I’d wager there’s a lot more newsletters on Substack openly glorifying Palestine or Hamas, so Nazism isn’t always a problem…

  2. I always get confused over neo Nazi and fascism and far-right.
    I always thought Nazi was a contraction of National Socialist Party, but what do I know? Oh, weren’t the socialists called fascists as well? I need a lie down…

  3. Know what you mean Grist. I think this one came from the Commies. Anyone to the right of Stalin was ‘far right’.

    And the National Socialist German Workers Party didn’t actually try to collectivise agriculture, since this was so obviously stupid.

    Pity. The Germans would probably have starved to death. And we’d have avoided WW2.

  4. Nevermind some obscure blogs on the Internet. What about that campaign to deplatform Cambridge University, for promoting ugly, racist professors who say that white lives don’t matter?

    Oh wait, that campaign doesn’t exist, because the British establishment agrees that your lives don’t matter.

  5. 247 is a tiny fraction of Substack publishers.

    As a subscriber to various Substack publishers for two years now, I have never seen examples of Nazi, White supremacy, but then probably because I wasn’t looking.

    So the 247 clearly set out to find something which could offend them just so they could demand the site be censored according to their edicts. Somebody should get these people mirrors so they can take a good look at themselves, then they would see their pointing fingers are pointing at them.

    What is Nazi, Fascist, White Supremacy, etc is never defined and backed up with examples.

    We get assertions about so much from climate change to wokology these days without any evidence in support. Asking for evidence, challenging the assertion immediately earns the individual vilification, demonisation and an -ist, and/or -phobic label, but never an explanation.

  6. Speaking of free speech, this lovely comment from the welcoming and friendly Solanum Tuberosum:

    Richard Murphy says:
    January 12 2024 at 7:09 pm
    For heaven’s sake ask intelligent questions if you are going to turn up here

    Many people have found that asking intelligent questions are no defence from the vitriol and banning policy of the Tuber.

  7. I wonder how many of the 247 supported Gary Lineker.

    All four thousand of them (the counting was done in Philadelphia behind closed doors).

  8. Steve

    As a grad of said university – I told the alumni campaign until ‘that academic’ is removed from the staff they can ask in vain for a donation. As you say, there’s ample evidence they want us dead. Taking people as I find them come in handy.

  9. I am greatly puzzled that sites such as FEE and AEI (Foundation for Economic Education and American Enterprise Institute) which try to persuade policymakers not to follow policies that are harmful to the public and in particular to the poor, are regarded as far right wing nationalists. (You can’t use the term “right wing” online without attaching “far” to it.)

  10. 1. They can go build their own Substack – L2Code, right?

    2. 247 people signed on to a sternly worded letter – were they all French by any chance?

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