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Fun start to a marriage

Guests at a lavish Italian-American wedding in a 15th century Tuscan monastery crashed through the arched ceilings as they danced the night away.

Some 40 revellers plummeted about 13ft as an almost perfectly circular hole opened up beneath them, landing amid rubble, dust and plaster beneath a grand Last Supper fresco.

The two newlyweds, Paolo Mugnaini and Valeria Ybarra, both 26, ended the night sat side by side in hospital beds recovering from the fall.

They were surrounded by other guests, all of whom were hospitalised. Everyone survived, although six reported serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Is that how it’s going to go? Or that’s the bad stuff done and dusted?

8 thoughts on “Fun start to a marriage”

  1. The Lever Arms near Bolton was rumoured to have a public bar sat atop a disused vertical mineshaft. Ceilidh nights would have been fun.

  2. I am aware of the fact that it’s traditional for the bride to drop her knickers after the wedding. Mrs Grist waited until she took them off first. But hot blooded Latins…

  3. Reminds me of the wedding night in the film ‘The Family Way’. A mate (his boss) had undone the bolts holding the bed together and it collapsed as they were about to do the conjugals and Hywel Bennett, the groom then couldn’t ‘do his duty’. This went on for some time………

  4. Could have been worse.

    He could have woken up in hospital next to Jacinda Arden and realised that it hadn’t been a ghastly dream.

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