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George seems very pissed about the Atlas Network

What links Rishi Sunak, Javier Milei and Donald Trump? The shadowy network behind their policies
George Monbiot

No, really. The Atlas Network is, apparently, the method by which all that is Holy in political life is attacked.

Just wait ’till someone tells ‘im about the Communist International. You know, international network of folk who try to influence domestic policies?

Atlas is so evil it even funded me for a bit. Me and a laddie inside Iran, we co-produced a column each week for the local economics magazine. It’s such a terror that someone might suggest slightly more sensible economic policies than those of the Mullahs, right? Laddie ended up in jail for three days as a result of one column too. We’d quoted Shakespeare.

5 thoughts on “George seems very pissed about the Atlas Network”

  1. What links Rishi Sunak, Javier Milei and Donald Trump?

    Galloping left wing mental illness?

    It was founded in 1981 by a UK citizen, Antony Fisher

    And what fascist beliefs did he promote?

    Wiki: On 15 August 1940, Fisher saw his brother Basil plummet to his death after Basil’s Hurricane was shot down and his parachute caught fire.[4] The experience both traumatised Fisher and, according to a biography, galvanised him into a belief that he must act to make the world a freer and more prosperous place where nation states would not go to war.[4]

    Terrifying that these right wing monsters (not you, Rishi) are allowed to go about spreading prosperity and peace.

  2. Remember – its a shadowy cabal that controls the world through funding when its other people getting a check, and its anti-semitism to mention George Soros’ name.

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