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Gonna be a bit difficult

In those languages where everything is gendered:

The EU has urged legislators and policymakers to abandon ‘gendered language’ including “no man’s land”.

Bureaucrats say the WWI phrase should be replaced with “unclaimed territory”, while “Joe Public” should instead be “average citizen”.

But then that’s what you get when you give society’s tossers control over a continent.

25 thoughts on “Gonna be a bit difficult”

  1. French is quite clear on the matter: the third person plural pronoun for a group of women is “elles”, but if so much as one man joins the group, it becomes “ils”. Same in Spanish with “ellos” and “ellas”. I’d wager it’s the same for all the Latin languages, dunno about the Germanic and Slavics though.

  2. The next phases are to recommend that we don’t call this a black day, and then to outlaw saying that we’ll be buggered if we pay them any attention.

  3. @SV “The next phases are to recommend that we don’t call this a black day”

    Already happening in the US. Black day, black humour, black mark, all frowned upon by those who get off by frowning.

  4. But no-man’s land is *NOT* unclaimed territory. It’s that territory that is de jure part of a country that de facto in not *CONTROLLED*. *NOT* not /CLAIMED/. Flanders was always part of Flanders, it was never not part of Flanders.

  5. I’m sure I heard somewhere the cheese munchers solved with using something like ‘il est un trans-femme’ and ‘elle est une trans-homme’.

  6. Don’t call it “no man’s land”, call it “Ukraine”.

    Don’t call them “grooming gangs”, call them “Diversity enforcers”.

    Don’t call them “coiffured cunts who work for your worst enemies”, call them “the European Commission”.

    While Britain officially left the EU in January 2020, English remains its official language.

    Lol. Pathétique.

  7. Arthur – That’s because a lot of Americans, especially elite Americans, worship black people instead of God.

    I’m not sure what black people have done that’s worthy of deification, but here we are. Remember George Floyd’s golden coffin and multiple public funerals? Remember any number of absurdly Magic Negros in Yank film and TV? You’d need to be a racist to laugh.

    Black people are their latter day saints, and trannies wear the modern stigmata of surgical scars. All under the malevolent, sanctified glare of a Downy Swedish Earth Goddess who insists on making you eat insects and be cold to prove you are worthy of the Kingdom of Net Zero.

    Come to think of it, this is a shite religion. UNSUBSCRIBE.

  8. All under the malevolent, sanctified glare of a Downy Swedish Earth Goddess who insists on making you eat insects and be cold to prove you are worthy of the Kingdom of Net Zero.

    Is that the same Downy Swedish Earth Goddess who proclaimed that we had all stolen her future, how dare we?

    The same Downy Swedish Earth Goddess who sits comfortably at home with a couple of chairs worth more than some people’s annual salary?
    Over 5,500 EUR for a chair? FFS.
    We’re just trying to feed our kids, ya fuckin’ goblin.

    Take the goblin and dump her in the rainforest. Let her find out first hand just how loving mother earth really is.

  9. CD – but idk if I’m selling just how fucked up this religion is.

    Our pre-literate ancestors had fertility symbols and fetish totems aplenty. They may have been rude savages, but they understood where babbies come from and had no difficulty in drawing massive chalk penises.

    This religion is an anti-fertility Science cult. There’s little chance of Climate Potato successfully procreating, and the new religion is a full scale assault on our ability to generate families anyway.

    Hypocrisy is the least of their sins, these people want us dead. Jim Jones (himself a lifelong Progressive with impeccable lefty credentials) was ahead of the curve.

    Jones would’ve been front and centre at Floydy George’s funerals, if he hadn’t murdered a bunch of black people and himself first.

  10. In mobile phones, the GSMA/3GPPP specifications state explicitly that all subscribers are female.
    It is explained as being for the purpose of gendered languages, but always raised a laugh with anyone customer-facing.

  11. @Andrew M

    “Le masculin l’emporte” still rules the roost when it comes to ils vs elles but in modern bureaucra-french it no longer applies in other contexts like nouns (particularly for professions) or adjectives that used to agree by the “one male makes it masculine” rule. The modern preference in such enlightened circles involves ugly constructions like the point médian.

    Bonjour à tou·te·s!

    And there are people trying to get rid of the il/elle distinction at all by introducing gender-neutral pronouns like iel / yel / ielle and their corresponding plurals. So while British media makes a big thing of how organisations like the EC try to change / vandalise English, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only English in their sights.

  12. How on esrth do you even pronounce ielles?

    Slowly and loudly, just like all the other times you have to talk to Johnny Foreigner

  13. How on esrth do you even pronounce ielles?
    At a guess eeay-yay. Like a lot of French words, too many vowels to get your mouth round. Try grenouille – frog. Still, at least it ain’t Portuguese.

    And needless to say, the Eurocunts don’t understand English. (Even the English speaking ones) Man/men isn’t necessarily gendered. It derives from the Old English manne/menne meaning person/s. Non-gendered. If I remember correctly the gendered words were wer & wif. Man & woman. (From where we get werewolf & wife). So in English, man/men is gendered when referring to a male & non-gendered when referring to an individual/group of indeterminate sex. They are actually different words depending on context. They just happen to be spelt & pronounced the same.
    It’s similar to the use of pronouns in the Latin languages. That the gender must agree with the gender of the noun doesn’t imply they are men or women. To us English, they’re the same as “it”. In context they’re different words from il/elle, (el/ella) attached to a person. Again, just happening to be spelt & pronounced the same. Since Eurocunts mostly speak gendered languages, you’d think they’d get this.

  14. The French government (pp Brussels) love to make rules about the use of their language, including the prohibition of English imports. The French people laugh at them and continue to refer to le foot(ball), le weekend etc. Nobody outside the HR department of large organisations is ever going to use iel.

  15. Jgh – How on esrth do you even pronounce ielles?

    Priorities. You have to get them out of your hovercraft first.

  16. Speaking of the EU, there is absolute horror amongst the effete, soy consuming technology journalists that Apple are trying to weasel there way out of the EU’s DMA directive, being described as “cruel”, “sadistic” and “extortionists” in some articles all penned by men who all look like Adrian Mole with late stage AIDS.

    Basically, the EU isn’t happy that Apple has a “monopoly” in its own iPhone app store. A strange notion, as Apple is a private company that should be bestowed with the agency to succeed or to fail in the marketplace according to their own decisions, such as retaining discretion over who they allow into their app store, and not those of a cabal of failed politicians. Apple created the iPhone, and by extension it should have dominion over what they do with their own product.

    If this sounds like I’m an Apple shill I apologise. Im not their biggest fan, but I am a fan of the consumer being free to make autonomous decisions in the marketplace. If the iPhone offends, buy an Android device. Vote with your wallet – if others feel the same then all well and good. The EU appear to discount this basic function of the market as being beyond the capabilities of everyone. Knobheads.

  17. Nobody outside the HR department of large organisations is ever going to use iel.

    I take the point, but what starts in HR rarely stays in HR. Maybe internal emails will be safe so long as there’s no snitching, but documents for external consumption will be under pressure to comply. Besides, the weight of the state is sufficient that officialese must constitute a decent % of all written output in any European language these days. And that carries along people who need to conform for contractual reasons or because they work within official systems where the language permeates – lawyers, school textbook writers and the like. Would anyone do it purely voluntarily? Well there’s always the kind of people who put their pronouns on their social media profiles. Which covers a swathe of under-40s in publishing and the media, so that’s not great news for the language either. I hope that in 2100, anti-establishment young Frenchies don’t have to search around for bootleg “authentic” copies of Balzac or Molière with the point médian taken out. I suspect it won’t come to that. But I doubt the point médian or whatever variant of “iel” they settle on will go away either, even if their ugliness and awkwardness proves a barrier to more widespread adoption. My guess is just a continued bifurcatation between what the normies speak/write and a public, official, conformative language that obeys whatever rules have been imposed by a succession of identitarian or egalitarian fads.

  18. But what will Sally Housecoat say to this, as she shops to make Larry Lunchpail and Eddie Punchclock’s meals for the week?

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