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‘I can’t face how much she suffered’: Argentina femicides at record high as Milei dilutes protections
Despite the deaths of 322 women in 2023, the new president has closed the ministry of women and gender and proposed ‘regressive’ new laws

So, if there was a level of femicides high enough that we should all be very seriously concerned indeed then the ministry of gender wasn’t doing much to reduce femicides, was it?

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  1. Now I remember why I don’t look at Guardian articles you link to.
    It’s shit

    It complains about violence against women in Argentina being high. Then promptly tells us that the rate is actually average for South America (16 out of 32) countries.
    But the actual number is high – who cares? The rate isn’t that bad – 1 per 100,000 women.

    For context, according to ons the homicide rate of women for the year to march 2020 in England and Wales was 6 per million… So 0.6 per 100,000 then.

    So for women in Argentina, they are about-face as safe as women in England and Wales

  2. CD beat me to it.

    Considering the murder rate in S America ( I used to work in Venezuela when it was prosperous and that was terrifying enough ). Argentina sounds about average.

  3. As our venerable host pointed out on another post regarding “what the despicable Milei has done to Argentina”, the bloke only took over in December………

  4. There are, it would seem, lies, damn lies, statistics and the shit published in The Guardian.

    “Argentina reported 322 femicides in 2023….

    The figure is a record high and marks a 33% increase from 2022.”

    According to the ‘Statista’ website there were also 322 ‘femicides’ in Argentina in 2016 and 327 in 2019.

    Seems a bit of a bullshit term anyway “In 1976, the feminist author Diana E. H. Russell first defined the term as “the killing of females by males because they are female.”” So we know for a fact that the killing was just BECAUSE the victim was female? Nothing to do with the characteristics of the victim as a person?

    There were a recorded total of 2,093 murders in Argentina in 2021. The murder rate was 1.35 per 100,000 women and 7.96 for women. So you’re nearly 6 times more likely to be murdered if you are a man.

    There were around 310 murders of women in Argentina in 2021, 256 have been classified as ‘femicides’. We’re supposed to believe that 80% of women murdered are murdered just BECAUSE they are women?

  5. No part of “femi-” indicates any maleness, so it can only mean the killing of a female. Full stop. No maleness implied or infered.

  6. AndrewC: ’So we know for a fact that the killing was just BECAUSE the victim was female? Nothing to do with the characteristics of the victim as a person?’

    Yes, because it’s an activist group. They have a hammer, this is a nail.

    See also: murders of transgender people. And black youths.

  7. Argentina reported 322 femicides in 2023. The term is used to refer to the misogynist killing of women, or, as feminist Diana Russell has said, “the killing of females by males because they are female”.
    Bit of a presumption there. Knowing Latinas, they’re just as violent as the men. Particularly with other women. There’s a Colombiana I know, skipped because she was in the frame for topping another girl. With reason as well. Bit of a her or them situation. Put it this way, don’t start a domestic with one. You could come out the loser.

  8. The trans lobby harps on endlessly about the number of their ilk who have been killed while circumventing the extremely pertinent fact that a large proportion (I have seen reports that they represent in excess of 50% of the total) were sex workers who, shall we say, were less than honest about warning their Johns what lurked beneath.

    Not surprisingly many were less than pleased to find that they had inadvertently purchased short-term access to Lola (el oh el ay Lola).

    It’s all about context.

  9. Can’t speak for Argentina per se but In the UK the absolute last people I’d want investigating Gender based violence of Any kind would be the EHRC. There’d not be enough prison space in the entirety of the EU for the amount of men who would be in the clink. It’d be like the Graphic Novel ‘Unmanned’.

    As Mark (Longrider) said:

    ‘I like him already, There’s no need to sell him to me’

    My only regret is he isn’t taking charge of the UK.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    From what I gather Melei’s main crime appears to be using the presidential powers the that the left gave themselves to implement his own policies, they never learn, and doing what he said he would do running a close second.

  11. Good point BiND

    If you use powers to enact what you want, be prepared for others to use those powers to enact what THEY want.

    What I’ve said to every Remainer since 2014

  12. Are these people seriously saying that the only thing standing between women and murderers was this one national agency?

  13. At the same time, if this is true, then, well, they have numbers to back up the necessity of this particular agency. If its *actually* accomplishing something – something the police forces can’t accomplish too – then there’s a discussion to be had about whether its worth funding.

  14. ” . . . then the ministry of gender wasn’t doing much to reduce femicides . . . ”

    “Reduce”?! They don’t want to “reduce” anything. They want to memorialize it, monetize it, secure it in place as the prime existential driver of a large ministry. Many incomes depend on these women getting topped. Good lord, without this ministry, these deaths might be attributed to something else!

  15. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Let’s see what the stats are after the next 12 months. That way we can see if Milei has just saved the Argentinian taxpayer a bucket load of money on a pointless bureaucracy or has genuinely made Argentina more dangerous for women.

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