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Isn’t this just delightfully gorgeous?

The Fawcett Society is now behind the Ethnicitypaygapcampaign. Well, OK, maybe they should be, maybe they shouldn’t be. As I’ve said at the ASI today, their numbers are crock because of course they are.

But isn’t this fun? As soon as you go to “wellwhaddainbuggerydoIdoaboutit?” you get to here:

Equilibrium Mediation Consulting (EMC Ltd), is a HR Consultancy providing bespoke HR services to the public and private sector. We aim to deliver a holistic package that will enable organisations to develop their HR Strategy. You may wish to look at your equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, change management or people development strategy.

Rarely is the grift so obvious even if it’s near always there.

15 thoughts on “Isn’t this just delightfully gorgeous?”

  1. Labour is getting back in, so racist grifting opportunities in the British public sector should increase soon, not that they ever diminished under the Cons.

  2. On a GN note, delete the word “rarely” from your vocabulary. First it is a phoneme of “really,” second “-ly” adverbs are best avoided, third there’s a fine word “seldom.”

    Now it’s my turn to ask if “shysters” is an acceptable synonym for “crooks.” I wonder if ECM is not already preying on the public purse?

  3. I wonder if they’re the bunch that supplied the lead-swinging racist instructor at Lloyds bank?

    Probably all interchangeable.

  4. P.s. The last filed company accounts to June 2022 are fun.

    One employee (her in the photos)
    One director (ditto)
    One share
    Less than £1,900 net assets

    A tiny organisation with lofty ambitions. It’s been going for nearly 10 years and doesn’t have much to show for it.

  5. Do the black men in all the adverts earn more than their white female partners? Either way, someone’s going to get upset.

  6. Average gross weekly household income in the United Kingdom from 2018/19 to 2020/21, by ethnic group of household head

    Weekly income in GBP White Mixed Asian Black Other ethnic group

    2,000 GBP or more 6% (white) 7% (mixed) 8% (asian) 4% (black) 11% (other ethnic group

    So there’s a substantial ethnic pay gap which privileges mixed, Asian and “other” families over white people in England.

  7. From the About Us page:-


    So……who exactly was Ernest, and what is he doing now?

    I think we should be told…..

  8. I mean, you’d expect a race baiting “effnik pay gap” campaign to immediately fall flat on its face at the first, humiliating sight of UK national statistics proving native whites are earning less money than every BAME immigrant community except the Africans.

    Wouldn’t you?

    If this wasn’t a clown world, I mean.

  9. My ex-wife was born in China. I was born in the UK. Her income has always been about twice mine. How do I rectify this apalling ethnic inequality?

    My nephew is an airline pilot on five times what I’m on! OUTRAGE!!!!!

  10. Similar race-baiting bs all the time here in US.
    Always framed as Whites against Blacks, but hidden/buried in all articles about income/wealth/home ownership/asset values is that Asians are trouncing all other ethnic groups. Also evident in gender pay gap discussions too – Asian non-mother females kick ass and make bank.
    I wonder if being able to do basic arithmetic and being willing to work hard is somehow advantageous in life???
    PS – the success of Asians – and this fact upsetting the White Supremacy applecart- is leading those on the Left to agitate for ‘Asians’ to be merged into ‘White’,.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I wonder how many of this ethnic Asian women are employed in businesses owned and operated by Asian men where they can keep a very close eye on the women compared to ethnic Asian women employed in businesses owned and operated by white men and what the pay discrepancy is?

    I’d also be very sceptical about what the business owners tell us they are paying and what they actually pay, ethnic Asians not being ones known to complain publicly about their menfolk.

  12. Henry – Always framed as Whites against Blacks

    Yes. Who benefits from inflaming black jealousy of whites?

  13. @Henry,

    “I wonder if being able to do basic arithmetic and being willing to work hard is somehow advantageous in life???”

    This is pure white privilege, along with punctuality, diligence, capability etc etc. You’re ignoring all the extremely valuable cultures that don’t value these things.

    You must have missed this part of your DEI training, so please report for re-education.

  14. Data comes from the Annual Population Survey. “The APS is not a stand-alone survey; it uses data combined from 2 waves of the main Labour Force Survey (LFS)”. That’s the survey where the response rate has dropped from 60% to 15% in the last 10 years afaik.
    Or maybe the data for the Fawcett society comes from ethnic pay gap reporting which is done voluntarily, mainly by government departments as everyone else is kind of busy.

    Might as well do some trickery with ethnicity declared on census, and average house prices and rents from right move, a bit of regression, some assumptions, sheesha and sugary snacks and infer incomes from what housing costs are.

    Feck em all. I like the French insistence i think on not collecting ethnic data. It just gets used against you anyway.

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