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Isn’t this just ghastly and appalling?

There are good reasons to do so. Farmers’ movements in several European nations are being influenced or exploited by political forces in ways that have chilling historical precedents. Alternative für Deutschland in Germany, Rassemblement National in France, the Sweden Democrats, Fidesz in Hungary, the Brothers of Italy, the Dutch far right and similar groups across the continent are cynically using farmers’ plight and protests as a means of building support.

Would be politicians attempt to address actual polit8ical complaints. How very dare they?

Especially when the answers are not what George Monbiot desires. The cheek of it, eh?

13 thoughts on “Isn’t this just ghastly and appalling?”

  1. What do angry young people and illegal immigrants have in common? they’re being exploited by the Far Left

    Fixed it for him!

  2. I would have thought the process goes the other way. The plight and protests of farmers (and their supporters) leads to the growth of parties you call “far right”.

  3. It all looks horribly familiar. As the historian Robert Paxton points out, “It was in the countryside that both Mussolini and Hitler won their first mass following, and it was angry farmers who provided their first mass constituency.”

    You know WHO ELSE liked to eat? Hitler.

    Checkmate, bigots.

  4. This “Dutch far-right” he speaks of would be the “Farmers’ Party”, yes? I wonder why he named all his other bogeymen, but missed that little detail out. Pure blind coincidence, I’m sure. How dare these farmers cynically exploit their own plight!

  5. Surely Mr Hilter (and his friends Marr tinboorman and Ron Vibentrop, not forgetting that nice Mr Bimmler from the Bell and Compasses) started in the beer kellers of Munchen?

  6. If the left are concerned that certain scenarios are in danger of playing into the hands of evil Nartsies them why not do something about it, so that this doesn’t occur?

  7. Steve said:
    “You know WHO ELSE liked to eat? Hitler.”

    Wasn’t he a vegetarian? Shouldn’t think he liked to eat very much.

  8. @Sam Duncan Dunno… BBB is really just slight to the left of center as a party.
    I assumed he meant Wilder’s PVV. Which is really centrist with slight left or right leaning tendencies depending on the issue.

    Baudet’s FVD can be considered far-rightish, but they’re effectively irrelevant and actually only pay lip service to the farmers’ movement as a part of their strict anti-EU doctrine.

    Then again… anything/anyone not in favour of a centralised federal Europe forcing the Green Agenda is “far-right” by Monbiot’s standards. So that’d be… welll… every party except D’66 and Timmerman’s rather lukewarm Alliance.
    Hell… even the SP ( Socialist Party) would fall foul of Monbiot’s ire, because they may be Socialists, but they don’t like EU federasts, and have put some big ??’s on the actual feasibility of the Green Agenda.

    Pim Fortuyn, killed by Volkert van de Graaff, extreme-left/Green
    Wilders, besides the usual islamofanatics, 4 attacks and 2 serious death threats by hard left/Green in the past 4 years.
    Baudet during the last election run, two attacks, both instigated by extreme left, one of the misguided perpetrators actually done by a 15 yr old (!!) minor.

    It’s not the far right we have to be afraid of….

  9. If you are a farmer, or perhaps a trucker or any other kind of small business, and you have a problem caused by the autocratic assholes in government, who do you go to for relief? The political party that will listen to you. It’s that simple.

  10. RichardT – Adolf Hitler was a German, so he probably didn’t enjoy anything very much.

    Grikath – It’s not the far right we have to be afraid of

    Preach. The Left has been consistently far more successful at political violence since the 1940’s. Left wing violence translates into real world success (see: BLM, Just Stop Oil).

    Right wing violence also translates into real world success, for the Left. It’s used to justify further demoralisation attacks and restrictions on you, your rights, and your community.

    Right wingers have been playing House Rules for a century, still wondering why the House always wins.

  11. “Then again… anything/anyone not in favour of a centralised federal Europe forcing the Green Agenda is “far-right” by Monbiot’s standards.”

    Well, exactly. As I pointed out, he named all the other parties; if he’d meant PVV, he’d surely have said so.

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