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Just one cash pile, give it to meeeeee

Delicious money, of eeee ely,

But my real question is, how is it going to cost £148 million to support this programme, which is the only evidence of training programmes provided by the ICAEW that there is because they do not themselves provide training for their professional exams, but only mark them?

Maybe they’d like to respond because I can see nothing here but a rather small training operation that could function with very little capital at all since payment for most courses will be taken upfront and they are done online.

So, where is that £148 million going?

12 thoughts on “Just one cash pile, give it to meeeeee”

  1. As is apparent, not a lot of this is about soft skills.

    I had to steady myself when I read that one – a load, boorish and obnoxious oaf with next to no knowledge on a wide variety of topics and a preternatural capacity for picking fights with anyone and everyone (witness his posts on the UNRWA this morning) is an expert on ‘soft skills’ – soft porn perhaps but otherwise – no

    None are about ethics. There is, instead, a deeply patronising one-hour course on ethics all chartered accountants must take each year.

    What ethics would those be exactly? An opportunity for ‘Sustainable Cost Accounting’ or ‘The Fair Tax Mark’ to make a comeback

    Most courses are deeply technical, which is not where almost any of the errors that have given rise to fines have been.

    God forbid a professional body should want detailed technical training – they might help to clarify the meaning of the term ‘Double entry’ in a professional rather than in Murphy’s leisure capacity of course

    Nothing is about meeting client expectations or the needs of stakeholders in society.

    When I am speaking to the Finance department I always take the time to lecture them about their duty ‘to the needs of stakeholders’ – they’ve actually restricted my access to their floor as a result.

    Sustainability gets one course in the year. That’s how important it apparently is despite the ICAEW saying that meeting the sustainable development goals in this area is core to its strategy and has implied this is a reason for keeping those millions.

    He’s really running low on funds now

    And the reasonable professional angst that any good partner should suffer from – which is why are we doing what we are doing for the people we are trying to serve and how might we do it better? – is entirely ignored, as far as I can se

    No wonder he never made it as an accountant. Those I deal with in a professional capacity are far too busy (usually) doing the day job than pontificating about how to save the world.

    What a truly pathetic figure he is

  2. Be good if they decided Spud’s idea is really good, then invited Tim of this parish to design the training.

  3. And the arbiter of moder political conduct holds sway once more:

    But we have a choice here. We can stand up for people. Or we can stand up for a government that is pursuing a policy of genocide and is manipulating the world’s governments so that they support its plan to ethnically cleanse the people of Gaza.

    There can be only one side that deserves support in that issue. And as a believer in the rights of both Jews and Palestinians to their own states, and to a two-state solution, I think that this is the moment for the world to stand beside the UNRWA, whilst condemning the actions of any of its employees who might have committed wholly unwarranted violence. And anyone who cannot spot the difference does not deserve to hold high office.

    So let’s be clear – there’s two sides in this war. He supports Hamas. Interesting to note next time he talks about fascism

    It’s great he believes in a two state solution. I’d point out nobody on the Palestinian side does so he’s at odds with the leadership of Fatah and Hamas.

    As Brendan O’Neill writes in Spiked – imagine if a single Conservative party employee decided to put out a communique implying ‘all blacks are criminals’ – I’d imagine we could expect a defence of nuance that a philosopher would be proud of from Murphy and the likes of Owen Jones – would we b&&&ocks….

  4. Dennis, Unpublished For Obvious Reasons

    But my real question is, how is it going to cost £148 million to support this programme, which is the only evidence of training programmes provided by the ICAEW that there is because they do not themselves provide training for their professional exams, but only mark them?

    Timmy –

    Have you noticed that over the past year Murphy’s writing has taken on some of Amanduh Marcotte’s stylistic eccentricities? Perhaps it’s time for you to launch a ‘This Week’s Richard Murphy Sentence’ to highlight The Tuberous One’s Shakespearean elegance and depth in the realm of letters.

  5. I met many accountants during my working lifetime- some were extraordinarily boring, some were honest, some were inveterate liars and some were crooks. Yet i never came away with the impression that they were about making the world a better place let alone out to save the world.

    We know the potato is desperate to get hold of those millions. The question is when will he start insulting those in charge of those funds? You know he won’t be able to help himself if he doesn’t get what he wants.

  6. I’m pleased to see the Israeli troops were considerate enough to use silencers. Nobody needs all that nasty banging. Almost as bad as having builders working next door.

  7. “disguised as Muslim women and sporting fake beards”

    Didn’t realise it was necessary to wear a fake beard to disguise yourself as a Muslim woman.

    Now you mention it though.

  8. The way he’s going, Spud is going to get called up before a disciplinary board and struck-off the membership list for bringing the ICAEW into disrepute.

  9. It all looked remarkably similar to an episode of Fauda (recommended viewing, if you haven’t seen it).

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