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Lawyer demands new laws

About as surprising as porn star demanding more fucks:

New terrorism laws are needed to counter the threat of radicalisation by AI chatbots, the Government’s adviser on terror legislation says today.

Writing in The Telegraph below, Jonathan Hall KC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, warns of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence in recruiting a new generation of violent extremists.

We’d probably increase the quality of such legal reviews if we got the porn stars to do them too.

6 thoughts on “Lawyer demands new laws”

  1. Jonathan Hall KC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation

    He must have been at the back of the queue, the day they were handing out the “independent reviewer” jobs.

  2. Solicitors also have a tendency to like ambivalent laws that give rise to extended fees and a series of precedent setting court cases. I’ve long tried to get the point across that the legal system is a vested interest and not a non-partisan commentator as many in Whitehall like to think.

    Actually had a row when I was civil servant with senior legal – they literally said issues could be sorted out in court and my view as policy lead was every time it went to court was a sign they had failed in drafting clear law.

    Even more bonkers is the fact that monitoring such issues is simply not done, there is little to no monitoring of the downstream effect of legislation as standard.

    However every new regulation means enforcement bodies get a budget transfer to cover the new role so there is an inbuilt incentive to not enforce old law and lobby for a new one.

  3. @Bloke in Wales

    He must have been at the back of the queue, the day they were handing out the “independent reviewer” jobs.

    I dunno. Wait and see how they define ‘terrorism’ and ‘radicalisation by AI chatbots’.

    Opposition to the climate change narrative?

    Disagreeing that people should be forced to take vaccinations they don’t feel they need?

    Questioning whether we should be allowing thousands of military age muslim men to rock up on our shores every month?

    Being rude about Klaus Schwab or George Soros? Being (islamophobically) rude about Hamas, even?

    Gently suggesting that yes, the Ukraine war is a tragedy, but that the Ukraine is also a deeply corrupt country with a strong recent history of CIA-backed coups from where billions in ‘military aid’ has recently vanished, so perhaps we shouldn’t be pouring £2.5 billion more of borrowed cash into that black hole rather than, say, fixing the holes in our own roads?

    etc etc

    Here’s the rough current state of play in Ireland – coming here soon, no doubt – police to be able to seize your phone and invade your home on suspicion that you might have anti-government memes contained somewhere in your ether, and serious jail sentences for dissidents.

    I think the job of independent reviewer of terrorism legislation could end up being quite an important job for the regime, and well rewarded. Bet he gets a dacha.

  4. Can’t they just use AI to cobble together an alternative peaceful and loving Quran, and then present it as the real thing? I mean, it wouldn’t need to be all that sophisticated to be more plausible than the original.

  5. Speaking as an minor AI expert (I get paid to do). I would say that he has a good point. You can take the skills of a top recruiter and turn them into a bot that can address 1000s of potential targets with optimised scripts. With 10pc of Britain’s being Muslims they will get lots of converts at low cost.

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