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Let’s put it this way

During their inquiry into the scandal, MPs on the Treasury committee said: “We question Cameron’s judgment in relation to his lobbying on behalf of Greensill.”

They added: “Cameron appears to have relied heavily on the board of Greensill as a guarantee of its propriety and financial health, when arguably he should have taken a broader and more enquiring assessment of the business. There were signals available to Cameron at the time when he was lobbying the Treasury and others which might have led him to a more restrained approach.”

Greensill was obviously as dodgy as fuck. For the clear and obvious reason that it didn’t have a new way of lending money. Supply chain finance, invoice factoring, been around for yonks.

Back to hte basic problem about banking itself. It’s not about ways of lending money. It’s about finding peoiple worth lending money to. And there’s no obvious proof that there’s some untapped pool of people worth lending to. There’s a great deal of evidence that we’re already over that borderline and into lending to people who shouldn’t be lent to in fact.

Therefore anyone claiming a new mthod of lending money and thus finding an new untapped pool is highly likely to be as dodgy as fuck. And anyone who gets to be in government – they do dispose of £1.2 trillion of our money each year after all – needs to know this. #

It’s possible that Cameron simply doesn’t. That the involvement is a result of ignorance, not malice. Having met the man decacdes back I’m willing to believe either. But either explanation also makes him, unfit to be spending our cash.

No, it’s not the lobbying which means such. Nor the alleged £10 million he’d earn from a quotation or whatever. It’s that if the laddie has so little gumption he couldn’t see though that Jug Eared Ozzie then he’s not competent.

10 thoughts on “Let’s put it this way”

  1. It’s possible that Cameron simply doesn’t. That the involvement is a result of ignorance, not malice

    How was the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland supposed to know that fraud is illegal?

  2. Politician’s actions are done to benefit
    1) Themselves
    2) Themselves
    3) Their mates
    Cameron has refined this somewhat, with characteristic subtlety. His actions are designed to benefit
    1) Himself
    2) Himself
    3) Himself

  3. Steve, the poor sod had no idea. He’d done it so many times before and all that happened was his bank manager took him out to lunch…

  4. Martin Near The M25

    It’s what toffs do when they get caught. Mumble about how it’s all been a bit mystifying for them and how they’ve got mixed up with a dashed bad lot and all the other chumps rally round. It usually works. If not they can always develop some strategic mental illness, like telling people they plan to vote tory this year.

  5. Funny how a monentary failure of judgement leads to making a few million. This is not what we have observed here at Schloss Klapp, where if you fuck up it costs you.

  6. Cameron would have been hired for PR/lobbying purposes. He’s not going to give that much of a shit about the internals. Many decades ago I wrote some software for Enron. Got out with my money, thankfully, but I had no idea it was a criminal enterprise until a few days before.

  7. It’s possible that Cameron simply doesn’t. That the involvement is a result of ignorance,
    His Eton education & 1st class Hon Deg from Oxford suggest nothing?

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