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Nobody takes that second position

Thomas, who was a moderate swimmer in the male category before transitioning, has now recruited the Canadian law firm Tyr to take a case to the court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland. However, because the 25-year-old is not currently registered with US swimming, it is understood that the case is highly unlikely to be heard before the Paris Olympics.

The move, revealed by the Daily Telegraph, is the latest twist in the fractious debate between those who argue that fairness and safety in women’s sport is paramount and others who maintain that the inclusion of transgender athletes should be prioritised.

It’s an excuse being used, of course. But it’s not an actual position of anyone at all. For anyone – and everyone – trans is indeed included in their birth sex category. Or even, in this case here with the swimming rules, puberty category. So, it is indeed an excuse, not a reason.

As to the idea behind the actual reason, it’s not all that hard to find. Only if the old society is destroyed can the new arise – thus those hoping for that new nirvana can best bring it on by destroying that old society. That there are actual reasons why societies that endure have some of these distinctions is all the more reason to destory them.

Just to make myself very clear here. Adults get to do whatever adults wish – trans isn’t a probem in the slightest. It’s the insistence that the rest of society must be changed which is.

9 thoughts on “Nobody takes that second position”

  1. In this country his barmy lawsuit would be funded by legal aid – rather like that of the 12 year old girl who claims her day is “messed up” by not being allowed to pray ostentatiously several times a day in her clearly stated secular school.

    Coincidentally the same highly religious young lady is, allegedly, no stranger to the idea of messing someone’s day up while at school.

    As Tim put it the insistence that the rest of society must be changed

  2. “People will say: ‘Oh, she just transitioned so she would have an advantage, so she could win.’ I transitioned to be happy, to be true to myself”

    Be true to yourself by pretending to be the sex you’re not.

    Be happy by destroying your genitals.

    It’s a good job Christianity has declined in the West, or else people might be irrational.

  3. Yes Tim. That is what I really dislike about all this nonsense.

    People are never prepared to just do what they want. They insist you do it too.

  4. On the plus side, Will Thomas and her trans comrades should be allowed into a male only golf club. I think. And not get hit on.

  5. Adults get to do whatever adults wish – trans isn’t a probem in the slightest
    Yes it is. That requires the acceptance of the concept of transition. Which is an impossibility. Whatever adults might wish, they cannot transition. End of.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I really hope there’s going to be lots of trans athletes at the Olympics and that they win lots of events.

    A lot of people in the west are going to be in for one hell of a shock when they find out most of the rest of the world doesn’t buy in to this lunacy and I wouldn’t be surprised if an athlete from one of the countries that doesn’t buy in to it decks a trans woman who’s just beaten her to gold.

  7. Surely, the women could sort this out by themselves by refusing to compete in any event with transgenders in it. If not an absolute refusal to compete I am sure there could be several niggling injuries or an outbreak of times of the month with an event.which coincide

  8. trans isn’t a probem in the slightest

    Disagree. Trans people are toxically mentally ill. In some cases (eg sad, titless trans men and sterilised boys under the influence of a crazed mother) the only harm is to themselves. The rest of them, the aggressive blokes in frocks and people like this Thomas are a problem.

    Tolerating them makes no more sense than tolerating nonces. And of course there’s a massive crossover between the two.

  9. Surely the women could sort this out by themselves. Refuse to compete against the trannies. If they did not want to refuse directly , I am sure sudden inexplicable outbreaks of muscle cramps, sprains or twinges or even the good old standby,time of the month would do.

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