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She really does piss me off

It’s not only Israel on trial. South Africa is testing the west’s claim to moral superiority
Nesrine Malik

This is the Arab Sudanese bird who never, but never, talks about how her country, Sudan, had black slave collecting raids in Darfur only 25 years ago.

She may even, sometimes, be right in some of what she says. But Jeez, the silence does heartily piss me off. Motes and beams and all that.

13 thoughts on “She really does piss me off”

  1. “she was honoured as “Society and Diversity Commentator of the Year” at the Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards” Wikipedia. So something to be proud of, eh? Oh, wait…

  2. Europeans – particularly Northern Europeans – seem to be the only people who are capable of feeling shame or guilt about the actions of their ancestors, nobody else GAF. Naturally non-Europeans take full advantage of this trait, seeing it for what it is: a weakness to be exploited.

  3. “South Africa is testing the west’s claim to moral superiority”

    She’s right. When I see those necklacing videos, I realise how far we need to catch up.

  4. Europeans – particularly Northern Europeans – seem to be the only people who had the Enlightenment which concluded that people can only be responsible for their own actions, and possibly for those they have control over, ie their *DECENDANTS*, but not the ANCESTORS who they were not alive to have any control over.

    HTF can you be responsible for people who were around before you were even alive? You can be responsible for your children’s actions BECAUSE YOU ARE THERE AT THE SAME ****ING TIME, and You. Are. Their. Fucking. Parents, It’s. Your. Fucking. Job. But you cannot be responsible for your *ancestors*. Time does no go in that direction.

    I am convinced there is some sort of mental illness that generates this, and it is invasively transmissible.

    Guilt for long dead people’s actions is conmpletely destructive of any sane inter-societal structure. It means that I am completely absolved of any of my actions, because, fuck it, I’m already guilty because Gregory the Peasant kicked somebody in 1285, so fuck it, I’m going to slit somebody’s throat and steal that TV. IS THAT REALLY THE SOCIETY THESE IMBECILES REALLY WANT? BECAUSE IT WILL COME FOR THEM.

  5. Certainly the bullshit people like her keep pumping out definitely disproves their claim to moral superiority.

  6. Back in the 80’s, the anti-apartheid movement was more Jewish than Joe Biden’s cabinet.

    Great forward planning as usual, lads. Enjoy your equality!

  7. Now that the Houthis have blocked the Red Sea/Suez route from the Far East, what the world really needs is for South Africa to cosy up to Iran. What could possibly go wrong?

  8. It’s very much a different type of evil than Murphy’s – it’s easy to mock him as he’s so ignorant of almost any issue – this really is of a different stripe but at a similar level of evil. If you studied the publication ‘Volkischer Beobachter’ or the judgements of the late Roland Freisler you might get close to the level of anti-semitism inherent in the piece.

    Globally, condemnation of the violence from human rights organisations, the United Nations and even the pope has yet to translate into meaningful action from political leaders.

    The notion that the UN has any claim to the moral high ground is utterly laughable on almost every level. I would argue the same for almost any Human rights organization – most have remained utterly silent on Human rights abuses committed by non state actors for many decades across most of the globe.

    In other words, the Israel-Palestine conflict is complicated, best left to the grownups.

    In her world the reality is simple – White people bad, non-whites good. If they are attacked tghen they deserve it for some imagined historical wrong.

    It matters that these claims are linked to the Geneva conventions and human rights law. And it matters that they are spoken in a formal setting, within a legal framework, uttered by lawyers and listened to by judges. Even the sober ritual and choreography of the proceedings was a sort of blessing. The overall effect is of an emphatic enfranchisement of the rights of people in Gaza.

    The rights to have a weapons depot or rocket launchers under your floor or on your roof? The right to be persecuted by Hamas? Those rights?

    The significance of the fact that the country bringing the case is South Africa – an icon of the ravages of colonialism, settlement and apartheid – cannot be lost on anyone. It symbolises a vast racial injustice, too raw and recent to be dismissed as ancient history. In the figure of Nelson Mandela, there lies an evocative example of moral clarity undimmed by persecution.

    The figures of Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Even Cyril Ramaphosa speak to me of recent South African morality more than Mandela and none of them sit easily on any moral high ground.

    When you are on the wrong side of the UN secretary general, numerous human rights organisations, and objecting to a submission in a global court to which you are a signatory (and in the case of the US and the UK, a court that you established), you are dismantling your house with the very tools that built it

    I’ll be happy to sit on the wrong side of those mentioned – indeed if I sat on the ‘right side’ I’d be implicated in the destruction of an entire religion, as she seems happy to be.

    I think ‘pissing me off’ isn’t half of it Tim – pure evil, and on a par with Murphy for sure.

  9. According to an article in the DT, the ANC’s ‘evidence’ includes made-up quotes from made-up Israeli politicians. The whole thing is a pack of obvious lies that only haters of Israel/Jews/the West pretend to believe.

    AFAIK South Africa hasn’t had a lot to say about the Middle East in the past, so I reckon the ANC has the CCP’s hand up its backside.

  10. Chris – It also highlights the apparent local authority indifference to the plight of hundreds of youngsters identified as potential victims of Asian men.

    It’s not just the local authorities, it’s all the authorities. From “King Charles” down. None of them give a fuck about over 150,000 raped children. None of them cares.

    So we should bin the authorities and make better ones, no?

  11. The review’s author Malcolm Newsam said: “During the period covered by this review, GMP and Rochdale Council failed to prioritise the protection of children who were being sexually exploited by a significant number of men within the Rochdale area……………., He said successive police operations during the period were “insufficiently resourced”.

    Insufficiently resourced meaning the powers that be within the constabulary and the local council, anxious to avoid the displeasure of their community advisors, prioritised stopping the systematic prostituting and gang raping of hundreds of white girls by Pakistani Muslim men somewhere between parking offences and dropping litter.

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