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Slightly fun

The Guardian has the new Danish queen as being Australian. The Times has her as being Scottish. Sure, both are – to a given level of accuracy – true. But the choice is fun, no?

13 thoughts on “Slightly fun”

  1. O/T but Murphy’s latest accounts are on the Companies House website.

    For the year to 31 March 2023 Tax Research LLP made £19k (£11k of which was from donations). Murphy got 90% and his wife 10%. Finance for the Future LLP received £63k of grants and reported net income of £52k. Murphy got 51.7% and Colin Hines 48.3%. Progressive Pulse Limited is dormant.

    No 2023 accounts for the Corporate Accountability Network as yet, but their website only refers to one live grant of £17k. He also gets a salary from Sheffield University for a day a week, say 20% of £70k = £14k.

    So total income of around £80k.

  2. Funny, I’d have expected the BBC handbook to favour Jockness, since they want to get back into the EU. The Celts seem to be the first white favourites for Aunty after the compulsory first in line brown skinned elite…

    And, Mr Jones, I’m shocked and appalled that Spud-you-Hate has slipped so far by allowing so much of his income to be taxable.

  3. “The Guardian has the new Danish queen as being Australian. The Times has her as being Scottish. ”

    Throw another haggis on the barbie?

  4. A while ago Tim asserted that the Act of Settlement determined that our monarch must be German. Someone corrected him and pointed out that the Hanoverians got the throne because of their Stuart descent so that our monarch must be Scottish.

    I point out that the Stuarts got the English throne because of their Tudor descent so our monarchs must be Welsh. Bet Tim enjoys that.

  5. Not so much. Act of S insisted that the monarch be Protestant. Then went and found the best claim on that basis.

  6. And Henry Tudor had zero claim to the throne…every right thinking man knows these isles should be ruled by the sons of York

  7. Allow the Dane to clear up matters. In fact, let the proud father of a former body guard of HRH clear up matters: HRH was born in Australia, to Scottish parents. Who had not yet obtained Australian citizenship. That happened when HRH was three. So the fair lady held dual UK/Oz citizenship until trading that in for the real deal upon marrying the Crown Prince.
    As for ethnicity, I’d say her father’s a Scot, but she isn’t. HRH has worked very hard at learning Danish. There’s an accent, but not very pronounced. That accent is broadly Anglophone, neither Strine nor Scottish.

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