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So, the error here is…..

A Church of England primary school allowed a four-year-old boy to join as a girl, The Telegraph can reveal.

The child’s sex was hidden from classmates, who were described by parents as traumatised when they found out.

One of the parents of a child who was friends with the “trans” girl, told The Telegraph that the school has “robbed” her daughter of her childhood, as she struggled to come to terms with learning her friend is not a girl and that teachers “lied” to her about it.

The parents of the boy/girl. It’s not Munchausens, but close, and it’s by proxy. The kid’s got no damn idea about any of all of this, it’s being imposed by the parents.

7 thoughts on “So, the error here is…..”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Presumably as the child is still with the parents no UKIP leaflets were found in their possession.

  2. But what if we got a Nigerian grifter to write them a Very Stern Letter:

    Mrs Badenoch told The Telegraph she was “very concerned”, and suggested that the school’s actions would be in breach of new government guidance.

    She said: “Government guidance is clear that social transitioning is not a neutral act and is certainly unsuitable for primary school-aged children. I will be making sure that the school is aware of government policy and the law when it comes to gender-questioning children.”

    Anybody think that Kemi’s letter is going to stop them? WWMD? (What Would Milei Do?)

  3. I trust that the parents of the traumatised girl didn’t lie to her about Father Christmas. My wife (73) still hasn’t got over the shock of discovering the dishonesty. Or perhaps some fairy stories are more acceptable than others.

  4. mjohnm – Or perhaps some fairy stories are more acceptable than others.


    “Santa left you a pressie” is a harmless fiction. Genderspaz is a harmful fiction.

  5. Actually some fairy stories are more acceptable than others.
    Personally I’d advocate going back to older versions of some the fairy stories which were much more direct in the ‘this is a stupid thing to do and you will die horribly if you don’t listen’ actions have consequences message.
    A big issue with the gender crap brigade is their outright lying about consequences of actions

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