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There’s really not much juicy discovered as yet, is there?

Bill Clinton put pressure on Vanity Fair not to cover allegations about Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s accuser claimed in newly released court documents.

Virginia Giuffre, who accused Prince Andrew of abusing her as a teenager, a claim he strongly denies, discussed selling a now infamous photo of the pair to Vanity Fair in a 2011 email exchange with another journalist.

The exchanges are among a tranche of almost 1,000 legal documents related to the convicted paedophile Epstein made public by a US court on Wednesday.

Worth recalling that everything here is allegations, made in a court case. Not findings of fact.

But even then there’s not a huge amount that we all didn’t suspect already, is there?

4 thoughts on “There’s really not much juicy discovered as yet, is there?”


    Why has Ms Guiffre not threatened let alone taken legal action against five of the following six (also note the way the word “some” is casually slipped into the sentence:-

    Some of the men with whom she was allegedly forced to have sex are:
    Bill Richardson, the late former Democrat governor of New Mexico
    Glenn Dubin, billionaire hedge fund guru
    Tom Pritzker, Hyatt Hotel billionaire
    Jean Luc Brunel, French modeling scout
    Marvin Minsky, MIT prof, “father of artificial intelligence”
    Prince Andrew, the Duke of York

    Some seriously deep pockets in that list but she and the world’s media take single-minded aim at the relatively impecunious soft target (yes I know Richardson no longer qualifies).

    Curiouser and curiouser as Alice would say.

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