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This is a bit twee

Cock is a naughty word again, is it?

The practice is linked to a subculture where men become “nullos”, short for genital nullification, by having their penis and testicles removed.

After cutting off Gustavson’s penis, Byrnes asked for a copy of the film and was heard saying: “Well that’s one off the bucket list. I never expected that one.”

Caroline Carberry KC, prosecuting, said messages between the men spanning four years had been found on Gustavson’s mobile phone and the defendants were among 10 people charged with taking part in extreme body modification.

Byrnes had initially been hired by Gustavson for escort services and in December 2016 he agreed to remove Gustavson’s penis for a fee of £500, saying he was in debt.

Texting Gustavson, he said: “I have no issue with it but won’t you loose (sic) a lot of blood… like nearly die.” He also expressed concern that he might get into trouble.

But Gustavson explained he would have a local anaesthetic and receive instructions about what to do.

On February 18, the procedure took place and was recorded from two angles.

Afterwards, Gustavson called 999 and told the operator: “I tried to do some surgery on my c—”, the court was told.

I think by that point in the description we can probably manage to deal with the word “cock”, no?

9 thoughts on “This is a bit twee”

  1. So “extreme body modifications” are GBH and can be tried as such despite the “victim” being 46 years old and having specifically asked to be bobbited.

    Incidentally who brought the case, was it Mr Cockless or the CPS? The article doesn’t say but the fact it was prosecuted by a KC rather suggests the latter.

    Silly man. Should have claimed to have gender diaspora and to be a potential suicide risk in order to got it chopped off by the nhs. Or does that only work for children?

  2. Yes it’s a complete mystery why our ancestors were highly intolerant of sexual deviants.

    Maybe they were bigots.

  3. @ Steve

    Not all ancestors were highly intolerant of sexual deviants.

    The perverts with mental disorders claim the Native Americans had a 3rd gender that was revered. Of course, like all their lies & bullshit it’s not true – from

    The binary nature of two-spirit, or the idea of having two spirits in one body, is not a theme found in the traditional gender roles for Native people, and concerns about this misrepresentation have been voiced since the 1990 conference where the term was adopted.“.

  4. I think “gender diaspora” is quite the thing John.

    Referring to the neutered and their attendant Greek chorus among the Twitterati as the “gender diaspora” has a lot going for it.

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