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Very important to know, no doubt

The questions are asked when patients register with an online portal which enables them to access their hospital appointment details, test results and medical records, before attending NHS outpatient appointments.

Patients are directed to a section on their personal information to fill in their details, with repeated reminders for those who do not oblige.

“Gender identity” options to choose from include genderfluid, questioning, agender, non-binary, demiboy and demigirl, as well as male and female.

Have to admit, demiboy and demigirl are new ones on me. Presumably halfboy and or half girl. But then won’t each of those be exactly the same thing? Half one, half t’other?

Or is that being too binary again?

24 thoughts on “Very important to know, no doubt”

  1. Socialists get their priorities right, don’t they? Curing people, meh… DON’T MISGENDER ANYONE OR IT’S 10 YEARS IN THE SCRUBS!!!
    No wonder all politicians go private.

  2. All this aristocracy has really got to stop
    We can overthrow the surgery and kidnap Dr Mopp
    And Chippy Minton’s Socialists could storm the Market Square
    And make plans to assassinate our autocratic Mayor

    Remove the word aristocracy and it makes at least as much sense now as nearly 40 years ago. Particularly the last line,

  3. Possibly youthful members of the demi-monde, a polite 19th Century euphemism for sex-workers.

  4. won’t each of those be exactly the same thing?

    I think it’s similar to the distinction between a Cockatrice and a Basilisk.

  5. NHS asks patients to choose from 12 genders, 10 sexual preferences and 159 religions

    I wonder if we’ll ever solve the mystery of why nobody wants to defend our degenerate clown society.

  6. It’s is getting everywhere. When I returned to work last week after the festive break, I noticed our school management software had been updated. Now in the student details section, you have a box for gender identity. A previous update added pronouns, which even more insidiously could be marked as for only in-school use (so parents wouldn’t see them in correspondence).

  7. Andy – I wonder how much of this is the public sector getting ready for Labour.

    They’ve successfully waited out 13 years of ‘Conservatives’ and they know government ministers will be sacked if they defy the Blob.

    Last time, the Blairites were keen to “rub your noses” in your ethnic dispossession and racial humiliation. This time, they’re keen to ensure no primary school child is left untouched by LGBTQ.

  8. In a blog on Epic’s website, it explained it had introduced separate categories in hospital records for sex assigned at birth, legal sex and gender after one of its software developers, a transgender woman, received a hospital letter addressed to her as “Mr”.

    So it was working correctly, then.

  9. Just add another set of questions. Do you have or have you ever had any of the following:-


    That’ll work but the Lola’s will be absolutely seething even though that simple bit of information on their patient records might potentially save their lives one day.

  10. An important social service, in that there are people who desperately want to tell you about how they identify. Other than that, once you have registered as whatever you think you are, you can forget about receiving any useful help or info from the NHS.

    Personally, I identify somewhere between “Livid, because you stupid fuckers sent me for a scan three years ago and then cut off all contact”, and “Full of admiration for how you have invented the perfect telephone loop to frustrate enquirers”.

  11. Knowing how these stupid bastards work, rather than signing in as a “white male middle aged C of E heterosexual” etc, you could fill in the form showing that you fall in to all the nonsense categories. You’d then be guaranteed to get an earlier appointment and who amongst them would ever have the ballsto query your gender(s), sexual preferences etc?
    Just a thought.

  12. It’s a data-gathering exercise. It won’t affect the treatment you get, that’ll still be rubbish. The figures they dredge from this will go on their powerpoint presentations in order to show how DEI they are. As I used to say when they started collecting ethnic categories, there’s no way they can use this without discriminating against somebody. Decline to answer. And tell them to FO.

  13. I’m delighted to say that all the systems here that I’ve used, banking, ‘NHS’ tax, etc. accept only ‘Male’ or ‘Female’…

  14. It would be fun to change your entry weekly, running through the cycle, and see what new mailing lists you get put on.

  15. Decline to answer. And tell them to FO.

    And you can join us in the “trouble maker, possibly of the right wing variety” list

  16. What does gender identity have to do with the medical services one gets? Biological sex, yes. But identity? That’s like asking if one prefers modernist or impressionist art. It has no bearing on the services or type or quantity of medications administered.

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