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Very male, eh?

An Italian who was transitioning to become a man was found to be five-months pregnant after undergoing a mastectomy.

The individual, who had assumed the male name Marco, was at an advanced stage of the sex-change process having had his breasts removed.

He had been due to have a hysterectomy to remove his uterus before the pregnancy was discovered by doctors at a hospital in Rome.

12 thoughts on “Very male, eh?”

  1. I presume there wasn’t a pregnancy check first because it would have caused hurt feelings? Idiots.

  2. If you told someone 30 years ago that news outlets would be writing about ‘her penis’ or ‘his uterus’ they’d think you were mad.

  3. “The gender fluidity theory is total madness,” said Toni Brandi. “It’s against science and against nature. This case is a challenge for gender theories because it shows a woman is a woman.”

    Good God. A despicable heathen like me actually agreeing with the Catholic Church.

  4. I wonder if a lot of this is down to something in the water? A lot of the young men my daughters hang around with are very weedy-looking to my eyes – not all, there are some big units among them too, but they’re weaker-looking on average than we were.

  5. JuliaM – yarp. 30 years ago, the closest we got to today’s routine body horror was watching the talented Jeff Goldblum tragically turn into a politician in The Fly.

    Interested – it’s because they are weak, mentally, physically and spiritually. That’s why they’re as fearful as a spavined nags. A typical medieval boy would be able to beat up the average “man” today.

    I recommend prayer, lifting heavy objects, and war against France.

  6. So a woman who thinks she should be a bloke has “top surgery” so now she can’t breastfeed the kiddie.

    Meanwhile a small number of blokes who think they should be women attempt to validate their delusions by forcing some nasty “definitely not milk” secretion onto the unfortunate babies they have somehow been allowed to adopt.

    Evil clown world is here.

  7. This is all just the normal cycle of civilization.

    They become strong, they rise to the top, they stay for a while becoming decadent and corrupt before finally succumbing to the hordes and their own perversions.

    See Rome, Greece, I’m sure there are others.
    We can’t stop it any more than the tide or the sunrise. Just try to keep your kids on the side of sanity and avoid the true nastiness that’s coming if possible.
    The only thing that’s different this time is the technology available to really make things terrible.

  8. Chernyy Drakon – This is all just the normal cycle of civilization

    Narp, it’s deliberate murder.

    Nothing normal about it.

  9. Theophrastus (2066)

    “I wonder if a lot of this is down to something in the water?”

    Oestrogen residues excreted by women taking the contraceptive pill can be found in UK tap water; but, more probably, it’s that the steady drip-drip of feminist indoctrination – at school, at home, in the media – leaves them mentally emasculated and physically deprived of manly pursuits.

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