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What is that green objection to N Sea and fracking?

Ah, yes, that’s it. It will all be exported and at the international price and that means it will make no difference to UK prices or supply. So, let’s not bother.

At which point, France should stop building any electricity plants. Obviously:

Britain imported a record amount of electricity from Europe last year as solar and wind farms struggled to generate sufficient energy in the wake of coal and nuclear power plant closures.

The UK forked out £3.5bn on electricity from France, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands last year, accounting for 12pc of net supply, according to research from London Stock Exchange (LSEG) Power Research.

It’s all just exported at the international price and makes no difference to prices or supply in France. So, they should not bother, right?

19 thoughts on “What is that green objection to N Sea and fracking?”

  1. I naturally believe that the error was not to continue building those PWR’s all those years ago.

    Perhaps all the Greens could be sacrificed to the Great God Electra, and the nuke building program could be restarted after 40 odd years??

  2. Wind and solar struggled “in the wake” of coal closures. WTF does that have to do with it?
    ‘Sorry guv, we can’t produce any more leccy from our bird choppers ‘cos of them coal plant closures’?????

    And no one has yet proven that the UK using its’ own oil, gas and coal would not lower the cost to the UK consumer because the empirical evidence of the US shows that yes, in fact, it would.

  3. I’ve resisted the lure of conspiracy theories because politicians are so incompetent they couldn’t plan to breathe and wipe their bum at the same time, but closing down stuff that actually works in favour of Gretacrap because you think you can rely on a government that has sworn to make your life hell because of Brexit? Do they still do the Guinness Book of Records?

  4. Transport costs affect the delivered price. If the UK is heavily dependant upon imports then it will pay WTI price plus shipping costs. When the UK was a significant exporter, Brent blend detrmined European crude prices and WTI became Brent price plus shipping cost differential. UK crude production reduces UK oil price (and if it did not it would significsntly increase UK tax receipts from excess profits taxed at c.75%)
    Either they do not know what they are talking about or they deliberately lying (or both)

  5. I see parallels with the closure of Tata Steel blast furnaces in Port Talbot. Instead of jumping for joy at green progress, there is the fear that we will no longer be able to create steel from raw materials, and that the town will become an unemployment blackspot overnight.

  6. The other argument is that if we start building new atomic power plant now, it’ll take 10 years to see any benefits so let’s not bother.

    We heard that one 12 years ago.

    Naturally, such time preferences don’t extend to HS2 or Net Zero. Obvs, it is a conspiracy, but we only get to encounter the junior managers (Rishi, Pigfucker, May, Starmer) who talk down to and infantalise you (vaping bans, smoking bans, nudge units) so it’s easy to presume incompetence.

    As in, I’m fairly sure McDonald’s as a very successful global corporation isn’t incompetent, but the spotty teenager handling your order may well be. If only our government was a conspiracy to sell you cheeseburgers.

  7. At least you have someone to import the power from. In Oz, we’re kind of screwed. Gas projects are getting blocked left, right, and centre. And there isn’t really any realistic alternative. The Victorian government’s dream of assembling offshore windplants at the port of Hastings has just been given the red pen treatment by the federal government.

    But no worries, we’re going to be a renewable energy superpower! It’s fun watching greenies get hoist by their own petard though, their pet projects getting skewered on the same “damage to wetlands/frogs/birds/snakes” arguments tbey’ve been making for years.

  8. Boganboy, a couple of elections ago I rang the Australian Greens to ask if they in support of damming tbe Franklin River to provide clean power to the mainland. I got hung up on. Ok, I may have had a few 🙂 But it was a serious question. That they don’t want to answer. Hydro is one of the things that actually works – if you have the geography and stuff.

  9. And we shouldn’t be building cars ‘cos we export them. And we shouldn’t be building aircraft parts, ‘cos we export them. And we shoudldn’t be writing software ‘cos we export it. And we shouldn’t be fishing ‘cos we export it. Bloody morons don’t understand the fundamental concept of “trade”. More basic than that, it’s called “working for a living”. The chap down the road shouldn’t be growing 35 tons of potatoes a year, there’s NO way he can eat that much.

  10. The reluctance of our politicos to approve exploitation of the fracking gas under Lancashire for green crap may be the best accidental strategic move ever.

    When WW3 breaks out and we’re cut off from outside gas sources by enemy bombs, we’ll be able to supply ourselves for a while with the stuff under the ground.

  11. @ Chernyy Drakon
    If WW3 breaks out *we* won’t last long enough (even if it does) to empty the gasometers, so the gas will stay underneath Lancashire (unless a bomb fractures the rock roof of a gasfield).

  12. You have to feel for the Australians.
    They don’t have two large energy exporters within 1000km of them, so if anything is fouled up, it’s only on them. Is there anyone in Aus saying NSW, Vic, and the rest should go back to being independent countries

  13. Secession talk usually comes out of Western Australia or Queensland 🙂 WA in particular have a bit of a point – Perth is 3000kms from the east coast and a long way from anywhere else, so they can’t even import power from the rest of Oz, let alone other countries. Of course, no one at our end wants to let go of all that lovely mining, gas and oil revenue.

    if anything is fouled up, it’s only on them

    Don’t worry, we’re working on it! Being fouled up as we speak.

  14. Ltw

    Given that we’ve got a Labor government in Queensland at present, I don’t think I’d try succession.

    If good old Jo was still running the place, I’d agree like a shot.

  15. @John77

    If the conflict in Ukraine is anything to go by, out military will be squashed in a week or two.

    Also going by the Ukrainian conflict, they’ll start conscripting every man and woman under 75 to throw into the meat grinder. We may just survive long enough to have to start fracking to heat up the homes of both people left.

  16. @ Chernyy Drakon
    Putin hasn’t H-bombed Ukraine because he wants to conquer and rule it. What makes you think he wants to occupy and rule the UK when there is so much of Europe in-between that will take his whole army to rule?

  17. OT but:
    “A proposal for a regulation on ensuring a level playing field for sustainable air transport (ReFuelEU aviation. EU airports and fuel suppliers are obliged to ensure that, starting from 2025, at least 2 % of aviation fuel will be green, with this share increasing every five years, to 70 % in 2050. Parliament approved the new rules on 13 September 2023.”
    So now I understand why Porsche and others want to make green aviation fuel using Fischer-Tropsch, and why cost is not a consideration. If this passes the Council then it will be compulsory for airlines to buy so passing a climate cost/benefit analysis isn’t a consideration.

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