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Aha, aha, aha

Is Jill Biden secretly running America?
With the US president’s cognitive abilities under increasing scrutiny, many believe his wife is the one steering the ship

A D Ed running America?

That would explain a lot, yes.

But no serious observer of American politics thinks that’s true in any significant manner. Rather more speculation that this is the third Obama admin, no?

15 thoughts on “Aha, aha, aha”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    When they thought the Nancy Reagan was running the show the Dems were up in arms, but of course this time it’s different.

    It might be better t have a D Ed running the show than Kamela Harris, if that’s the only choice.

  2. You can only judge politicians by their actions. Words mean nothing. Certainly the administration is run as Barry would want. The Middle East is a case in point.

  3. “If CNN are skewering him, it’s over.”

    Crikey, what a surprise. Beginning of an election year, and the media discover that Sleepy Joe Biden can barely remember his own name. Oh, I am shocked. Who could ever have foreseen it three years ago when the old git was dodging press conferences and being tucked in for beddie-byes at 8pm every night during the campaign? Gosh, they certainly had me fooled.

    Eighty million votes.

  4. Bit awkward for the dems. If they pull him out before January ’25 Kamala gets the job (unless there’s provision in the constitution to disquaify for an annoying laugh). If Kamala gets the job before a new nominee is anointed (by the DNC, not the party primary process) she’ll have incumbent advantage, disaster! So they’re stuck with him. Reminds me of trying to convince my late father-in-law to give up driving at 91. He got angry in the same way as we see Joe doing.

    Summary, the timing is critical but not necessarily in the hands of the DNC.

  5. I’ve always hated the term “running America” (or any other country for that matter). The government’s responsibilities are supposed to be limited and then people run themselves, but “running America” legitimizes the idea that people aren’t supposed to run themselves but instead be controlled by dottering, and somewhat evil, old fools.

  6. With my deep insider knowledge of US politics [/sarc] it seems obvious to me that Joe’s candidacy will be ditched at the DNC, probably as he ‘decides’ to withdraw. But who will get the nod, Newman or Mike?

  7. Rather more speculation that this is the third Obama admin, no?
    I doubt if that reflects reality. In practise the information to make decisions is filtered through both the White House staff & the permanent Federal bureaucracy. So what arrives on the Oval office desk is a list of options which may often be of the number one. So yes, the current WH staff & Fed may contain members of the Barry incumbency & policy may be similar. But that’s different to Barry or now Sleepy Joe “running the country”.
    In the Trump years it’d be a different staff but much the same Feds & a built in antagonism between the two because the Feds are more of the Barry stamp. Basically, the President will always be a “front” for a faction. Depends which faction accompanys him(do we say her?) into the WH.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I think Chris has it. The Dems now have an excuse to ditch him. String this out and when he decides not to run the story will get kicked in to the very long grass.

  9. Biden may well collect the delegates through the primaries he needs. He might be persuaded to withdraw, but it doesn’t seem likely he can be ditched.

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