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Anyone got a spare £20 million?

Apparently Crowe Hall on Widcome Hill is up for sale again.

D’ye think a GoFundMe would work?

6 thoughts on “Anyone got a spare £20 million?”

  1. Very nice, but you’ll need another spare £20 million for the big bills. That’s some serious wall upkeep.

    Maybe why it’s less than a year since the last sale.
    Just the amount by which it’s fallen in value would suit me.

  2. PJF,

    There are so many of these buildings and they just aren’t that much use now. Like these halls were really like home and business centres for the landed gentry, weren’t they? You lived in them, you worked in them, put up visitors and hosted dinners.

    They’re too big as a home, and have huge maintenance costs for an office. Hotel and wedding venue would probably make sense for Bath, but these are listed buildings which is just a total ballache if you want to fit anything.

  3. Maybe the government will snap it up as a new migrant centre, at which point the listing will mysteriously disappear.

  4. The bottom has fallen out of the market for housing asylum seekers in hotels, halls and large buildings. The Home Office appear to be trying to get the decisions through faster and house the difficult ones in 2-4 bed residential.
    Even giving incentives to Councils to compulsorily purchase long term empties (which turn out to be occupied).

  5. Have you rioted, burnt down shops and police stations and managed to kill a cop or two? No? well no mansion for you matey!

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