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Behold the power of this blog!

A Ministry of Defence plan to change the way Army accommodation is allocated has been shelved amid a backlash from military wives, The Telegraph can reveal.

Military wives? Tchah. It was this ‘ere blog wot won it.

Which Fuckin’ Idiot Decided This?


13 thoughts on “Behold the power of this blog!”

  1. a backlash from military wives,
    One does suspect the military wives are more fearsome than the soldiers, these days. Especially at the officer end.

  2. The likeliest explanation is that Sir Humphrey has tactically retreated due to the pending election.

    There’s not likely to be a big change in MoD funding, personnel or expenses after Labour gets in, so…

  3. Military wives being scarier than the soldiers has been true of the officer corps of the cavalry for some generations now….

  4. In an environment of financial stress, staffing shortages, a recruitment (self-inflicted) and retention (also self-inflicted) crisis and military personnel being mucked about even more than normal in a world looking increasingly like the mother of all trainwrecks is approaching, this assault on service conditions of service (done essentially for bean counting and EDI reasons) could be the tipping point for many mid seniority officers and senior NCOs considering their options

    Completely self-inflicted shambles that could have been avoided by a few focus groups (aren’t they EDI-compliant?)

    Service personnel have also noted that the government’s priorities seem to centre on virtue signalling and ineffectual management of energy security, immigration, public order – and just about everything else, but never military preparedness and resilience

  5. Starfish

    The Great Steve suggest my speculation that the kind of people pushing this crap might be directly in the employ of China and North Korea to be wide of the mark and who I am to gainsay him, but I do think if they were found to be working for them they couldn’t do any more damage to the military.

  6. ” I do think if they were found to be working for them they couldn’t do any more damage to the military.”

    ..a cabal of its enemies.

  7. @VP

    You are probably right

    Vlad’s cyber army aren’t just very obvious trollbots on social media, their tentacles spread further

    Conspiracy theorists might point out that the ‘long march’ through the UK’s valued institutions and cultural headmarks also has the smack of Soros and pals

  8. VP – but I do think if they were found to be working for them they couldn’t do any more damage to the military

    You’re absolutely right. Insider threats are usually more dangerous than outsider threats.

  9. Isn’t there an old saying that a military officer’s wife is considered to be one rank superior to her husband?

    As for cavalry officers’ wives, half as pretty as his horse but twice as stubborn, or something like that.

  10. Well, I’ve not had anything to do with SFA (service families accommodation) wrt the Army, because reservists aren’t entitled, but back in ancient history, in the Royal Navy, there was a difference between the size of house (largely based on family size but with a usual minimum of 3 beds for actual houses as opposed to flats which were rare) and where exactly the accom was (based on rank – juniors, NCOs, junior officers, senior officers all in slightly different areas).

    Except when you got to the local commander who usually had a specific house but was also expected to host military guests so got a large one regardless. There was one SNCO in the minesweepers based, then, at Rosyth for who they knocked 3 terraced houses in to one due to the amount of sprogs his wife kept presenting him.

    So, for example, there would be smaller and larger junior officers’ housing. Not that I ever lived in no, as the not-quite-then-Mrs SE took one look at the JOs’ patch and we went and bought our own.

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