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Can we find a grant for us?

So, there’s a webpage/service out there:

Find a grant
Find a grant is a service that allows you to search government grants.

Do we think it possible to cook up something that would be granted an, umm, grant?

Not sure whether the aim would be to do a Sokal or, if they’re giving our enough cash, simply to have fat salaries.

The necessity for a circular economy (reveal: not much) or anything else anyone wants to cook up?

Obvs, has to be a grant available where no one else has to put any cash up…..

9 thoughts on “Can we find a grant for us?”

  1. I found 49 grants for ‘diversity’. Though alas nothing for ‘dimethyl ether’.

    So provided you search for a politically correct reference, you could get something.

  2. And I found one for me. Arts & humanities something or other in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I’m sure I can go & investigate art amongst the Paulistas. Expensive business though. Shouldn’t think there’d be any change out of a mil. Knowing Paulistas.

  3. You can apply for up to £35000 over two years to pump-prime collaborations between scientists in the UK and São Paolo state in Brazil. The awards support the development of future applications within our remit under the UK Research and Innovation-São Paulo Research Foundation lead agency agreement.

    Email some scientists, arrange a few jollies to Brazil, sounds nice. Won’t make you rich, but it’s a nice way to spend a couple of years.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    The hosts of the podcast that was following the case in court and providing enactments based on court transcripts kept warning it was a DC jury and anything could happen.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    This one amused me as it typifies bureacratic thinking:

    Community and Environment Fund (CEF) and Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF)
    This funding programme provides grants to local communities and economies that are disrupted by the construction of Phase One and Phase 2a of HS2 between London and Crewe.

    Location England

    Funding organisation HS2 Ltd

    Who can apply Public Sector, Non-profit

    How much you can get From £1 to £250,000

    Total size of grant scheme £45 million

    Opening date 8 March 2017, 12:01am

    Closing date 31 March 2035, 11:59pm

    My emphasis.

    The idea that a public body has the spare capacity to bid for anything short of 5 figures, or in reality 6 figures, is ludicrous given the cost of bidding, processing and then monitoring the claim.

    If there were any adults in the room they’d have been banging heads together.

  6. BiND / sneeze * 3

    How could any sentient human listen to the evidence presented and find Simberg + Steyn guilty? Mann’s entire case was that his professional grant income declined – at a time when funding went down for everyone else – and he received a hurty look in a supermarket. This case was so weak that I don’t think even our stupid UK libel laws would have given this verdict.

    How can they award the token dollar compensatory damages, but then justify a million dollars in punitive damages?

    Throw in the lawfare against Trump, the reckless persecution of the J6 “insurrectionists” and the different standards for the Big Guy, and the American legal system is broken.

    I feel as enraged by this as I was by the Horizon scandal. How can both our systems have degraded to the point where such obvious miscarriages of justice are not just allowed but seemingly sanctioned?

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