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Could be true, obviously

BBC is ‘institutionally anti-Semitic’ says former attorney general

After all, we’re told the whole of society is institutionally racist, so why shouldn’t a component institution be so?

6 thoughts on “Could be true, obviously”

  1. Remember Greg Dyke gathered BBC employees together to tell them, to their faces, they were “HIDEOUSLY WHITE”?

    Well, Jews are white.

  2. Oh I suspect a large part of British society is & has been for donkey’s years at least mildly anti-Semitic. Never ceased to surprise how many people will come out with something you’re expected to take as a given. About the only places you don’t find that are far flung corners never been exposed to it. Of course few will ever admit to it, even to themselves, because they don’t realise they’re doing it. The condescending “Oh he’s a decent enough chap but you wouldn’t want him (people like him) joining the golf club.” isn’t that far in the past.
    And I’d imagine it’s a lot stronger at the Beeb because the Beeb’s such a middle-class institution. That sort of anti-Semitism was always predominantly a middle-class thing.
    Curiously though, so many people at the Beeb are Jewish. Far, far above that proportionate for the demographic. (So many Jewish people gravitating towards the arts?) Jewish friend’s son is a BBC Radio producer. Very left. Very anti-racist. (Searchlight?) How he & they square it I’ve never known.

  3. I was just thinking about my friend’s son. He is of course very anti-white. The British Empire, White Van man, gammons, almost every part of British culture, all horrific. BBC man to the core. Come back & bitten him now, hasn’t it?

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