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Non-disabled Richard III actor to press on despite calls for recast

How dare they use a non-Royal to play dress up?

15 thoughts on “Disgusting”

  1. the decision “contravenes the Globe’s ethos of diversity and inclusion across all protected characteristics”

    Surely that ethos of “inclusion” should imply that a black person could play a white role, a disabled a non disabled and vice versa? Or is there a strict hierarchy which mean a disabled, black, gay, “trans” woman is eligible for all roles yet a white man with no disabilities and “straight” sexual orientation is only allowed to play that type of part?

  2. So the fact that Richard isn’t being played by a disabled actor is an issue but having him played by a woman (the real biological sort) is just fine and dandy.

    Will she walk across the stage with a slight limp or would that be judged harshly?

    Why do I even care?

  3. I have a friend who’s been an aspiring actor for years. He’d be the first to say he’s not the most talented, but as a gay he felt sure that the above rule of gays playing gays meant he’d surely land a roll. Turns out that he’s the wrong type of gay. Oh how I chuckle (behind his back)

  4. Turns out that he’s the wrong type of gay.

    There are types of gays? Do they divide into givers and receivers, or is it something else?

  5. Considerations of race, gender, sexuality and disability pale into insignificance when trying to cast Hamlet’s father.

  6. How dare they assume she isn’t disabled?
    Not all disabilities are visible and this seems very ableist of them.

    Maybe she identifies as disabled as well.


  7. Inclusivity Snowflakes get in a tiff over “miscasting” in malign propaganda theatre piece…

    Anyhoo.. I prefer the versions where they re-introduced the bawdyness and drumrolls and alarums, as they were actually done in the day.
    None of that snooty highbrow stuff.

  8. Gays: more subgroups, I guess: Old Queens, Screaming Campers, Leather Boys, Twinks. Is there a steroid-using subculture? Perhaps as many as the multifarious genders screaming for attention.

    As for Richard III you would think that if a woman wanted to play an evil monster (though there’s controversy about whether RIII was), then Lady Macbeth would be tailor made. For me the cross-casting is more offensive than the disability nonsense.

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