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Lib Dems target ‘Waitrose women’ to smash the Tory Blue Wall

They’re already the only bloc that reliably vote for them, aren’t they? The virtue signalling middle class?

5 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. That would be the old Waitrose shoppers. Waitrose has gone down the pan since the diversity hire of Dame Sharon White. How it will fare under Nish Kinkiwala, who knows? I think he was appointed because the board thought his surname was, in fact, his nickname because of his sexual proclivities…

  2. When I was involved the membership gravitated into two groups, the electricians, dinner ladies, shop workers, policemen, bakers, carpenters, care workers, etc.; and managers, polytechnic/university lecturers, senior teachers, lawyers, etc. It was weird how starkly visible it was. It was also noticable that it was the first group that were mainly in the seats lost when the political tides turned.

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