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The former Post Office boss Paula Vennells has forfeited her CBE for “bringing the honours system into disrepute” over her handling of the Horizon crisis.

Vennells was named on Friday in a list published on the Cabinet Office website as an individual whose honour had been revoked by King Charles.

So, what’s the jail sentence gonna be?

21 thoughts on “Good”

  1. Nice to see someone getting done while they are compos mentis enough to understand the pain and shame.

    By the time they get round to duffing up those who were in charge of the covid terror / clot shots they will probably be dead or sitting in a comfy chair in some nursing home dribbling, watching daytime tv and asking the staff ‘when’s dinner’? – 20 minutes after they’ve eaten it.

  2. for “bringing the honours system into disrepute”

    Lol, how is that even possible?

    Even the fat, leering, Jew-baiting slug Labour up for the Rochdale by-postal election is called “Azhar Ali OBE.” Every rotter you’ve ever heard of has a gong.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    They have no shame. She’ll be getting lots of sympathy behind the scenes from the elite classes and after a short while the sinecures will be rolling in. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t started already.

  4. Steve,

    Quite. You wouldn’t give someone credit because of an honour. You’d run them through credit checking like everyone else.

    This is like me handing over my Tufty Club badge.

  5. @Steve “”Azhar Ali OBE.” Every rotter you’ve ever heard of has a gong.”

    I keep meaning to ask ‘Professor’ Potato what the difference is between honours such as OBEs (which he criticises) and an honorary ‘Professor’ title (which he preens over).

    Both are handed out without the recipient having to do anything other than what they’d be doing anyway, they just happen to be things the body giving away the award approves of.

  6. I’ve always though that the Nobel Peace Prize was similar. The real Nobel Prizes for excellence in science are really special. The Peace Prize was a later addition and has always been awarded to questionable people.

  7. Sir Edward Jonathan Davey was deeply apologetic for not being better advised by his civil servants.

    Lib Dem’s will undoubtedly paint this well merited public shaming as justifying his limp excuses while good King Charles has presumably been similarly advised.

  8. NB –

    The Post Office said she was recognised for her work on “diversity and inclusion” as well as her “commitment to the social purpose at the heart of the business and her dedication in putting the customer first”.

    WB – I’m still proud to have served in the Tufty Club.

    Andrew – Yarp. Awards like this are the chrism of Clown World.

    It’s like how the House of Commons is full of people who identify as “Honourable”.

  9. This reminds me of a line from the Hairspray film (2007 musical version not the original 1998 one) when Velma is sacked by the TV station for dissing sponsor Ultra Clutch:

    “How can you taint a cancerous can of chemicals?”

  10. Some of my best friends

    The Peace Prize was a later addition

    No it wasn’t. It was first awarded in 1901, just like the other Nobel prizes.

  11. “So, what’s the jail sentence gonna be?”

    From my reading of some of the judgements, it appears that she genuinely did not know. She asked the right question – which in itself reveals she did not know. But she f&cked up how it was asked, then failed to spot the swithering and then failed to force the relevant underling to give a direct “yes or no” answer.

    Hers was a “see no evil” failure rather than the directly culpable action of knowingly allowing prosecutions/persecutions to continue. That is NOT case for senior staff on the programme inside PO and Fujitsu. They knew.

    For good measure, I would definitely jail any and all of the internal PO prosecutors who used the line “you’re the only one”.

  12. And there’s another horror here.

    It really looks as though there were a whole raft of issues – some of them really very serious: any discrepancy doubling at each accounting period as it rolled over, which caused in one case a very small problem to hit >£1m… – which were being cack-handedly papered over.

    If they had announced this before getting a proper fix, they could either:
    1. withdraw the entire system and see the entire POCL grind to an unceremonious halt
    2. leave themselves open to massive fraud – open season for bad actors to screw with the system knowing they wouldn’t or couldn’t reliably be done for it. This would be a racing certainty and once it took off, they wouldn’t able to cope with the volume of exploits. See 1 above.

    I would not like to be the directors on the hook for that call.

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